Bollywood Bush

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

As President Bush embarks on his Latin American tour, the White House has announced that it is no longer cost effective to produce the adoring crowds that accompany the Mr. Bush to all of his speeches.
Americans are too expensive and, quite frankly, no longer as enthusiastic as we need them to be. You can't count on the Latin Americans either. Might shout pro-Chavez slogans at any moment. So we've decided to go with Bollywood extras. They're cheap. You can't beat 'em for enthusiasm. They look great, and man can they dance!
...explained Press Secretary Snow.

When asked if this might be referred to as "image out-sourcing" Mr. Snow declined to comment.


In an amazing coincidence, that photo was taken at the same time that the Ganges was flooding a major Indian city, displacing hundreds of thousands with countless missing.
I hear they are outsourcing Bush admirers. He can get them cheaper in India.
Ganges was flooding a major Indian city, displacing hundreds of thousands with countless missing.

Ah yes...divine retribution.

Peacechick... We're doomed. They'll outsource liberal outrage soon enough.
The thought bubble above his head: "Dancing in India is just like screwing in a lightbulb and petting a dog". Ashwaria back there is thinking, "Yup, white men can't dance".
Image out-sourcing! Hoooo Aggghhhh!
And you should have heard him sing!
Fashiongirl... Ashwaria's actually thinking, "Who let this bozo in here?"

TPM... It's the newest trend.

CitizenBoo... No thanks. If it's like all Bollywood flicks, then the singing is dubbed in. They'll use John Ashcroft.
If only we could outsource HIM to Latin America!
damn, fashiongirl stole my line!

but I'd pay cash to see W dance with any Latin American.....
Those Indians get all the good jobs.
Man, I have got to get photo shop back, I lost my bootleg disk and I'm hurting. I've had so many good Ideas it's driving me nuts...
This South American trip should be interesting. Even with hiring actors, I doubt they'll find anyone in Hollywood to do it. Britney is still in rehab, right? So she's out of the picture.
If only we could outsource HIM to Latin America!

TFWY... You'd really wish Bush on someone else? Heartless. Chavez is enough of a freak show.

Callooh... I'd pay good money to see Bush dance the Macarena.

PT... Do ya think "Bush groupie" pays better than a high-tech job?
Fred... I use Photoshop Elements, and it really does the trick for about 1/6 of the cost. But this one was a bitch. Photoshopping the guy in the middle out took a lot of covering from other parts of the photo.

PoP... How about Gwen Stefani's Harajuki Girls?
This is just an amazing image. Well done. How you think of these things, I would love to know.
I was looking at that at the store the other day, does it have the clone stamping tool? Can you make transparent .gifs? It is the right price compared to C2. I just want to get in on the Glenn Reynolds photoshoping contest over at Sadly No!
How you think of these things, I would love to know.

Praguetwin... Hard to say really. This one popped into my head when I was thinking about where Bush was going to get those adoring crowds that show up for all his speeches. Then it occured to me...who looks happier than Bollywood extras? After that it was merely getting the right photos. The background is 'Bride and Prejudice'. The foreground is Bush at the Chinese state function where he couldn't open the door. :-)

Fred... Couldn't say about the "clone stamp" I don't know what it is, but I think that most of the tools for doing image manipulation are there.
Fred...forgot to ask. What contest at Sadly No?

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