BlognonyBITS - Scooter Will Sing

With half of the Blogsphere using that old Libby jingle, I just thought I just add my $.02:

When we talk Libby, Libby, Libby
Facing jail-o, jail-o, jail-o
They'll slip a pardon, pardon, pardon
'Neath the table, table, table.

Please feel free to add your own verse.


Poor Scooter - he seemed like tons of fun!!!
LOL, wtf, "tons of fun..." and Chris called him "virginal!"
Libby will sing if NOT Pardoned...Cheney and Bush know this so they will keep throwing Libby "attaboys" on The lo'.

Hell, BushCo already has the entire conservative machine swooning for Libby...
Comandante... AAAAUUUGGGGHHHH! I don't want to know any of this. Where's this woman from? Munchkinland?

Fred... Matthews was being a dick...as usual. Was he snickering in the background?

PoliShifter... That's what I was getting at, obviously not clearly enough. :-)
A guy purporting to be calling from prison told Sam Seder this morning that he had won rights to "have Scooter's back when he got there, particularly the lower end of it". .lol
OMFG!!! to what John Good said.
John... Scooter will never see the inside of a prison. I think that inmate will wait in vain. :-)

Hill... ;-) :-) :-)
Too funny! That little jingle has been buzzing around in my head a lot the last few days, but your words make it so much better!

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