BlognonyBITS - The Incredible Shrinking Interview

Me? Looking for gainful employment again.
Used to have interviews that lasted a whole day,
Back when a company's investment in me meant something.
Now I get interviewed for two hours...maybe three.
There's a lesson in this. I just know it.


I've been continuously been looking for a better job since 2004. Longest interview I've had was about 30 minutes. I'm absolutly convinced people do not want to hire National Guard because they are afraid we will get deployed and they will have to hold out position for us untill we get back.
Fred, you're right. I heard something about that this week. Some Guard here are in their sixth deployment and the employeers are having a hard time with their employees being gone so long and so often.
Fred, PoP... I'm surprised that it's even legal to ask about your guard status. That seems like personal detail (like marital status, age, pregnancy and family plans for women) that should just not be on the table. I suspect that it isn't our here on the Left Coast.

I guess where I was going with this is that in the new tech climate, investment in employees is dead--no loyalty, no training, no relocation assistance. Thus no reason to spend any more time than necessary on the interview.
You're probably right, Kvatch, but I gotta think that it all depends upon the Industry. My own company has actually grown our Recruiting Dept every year for the last 5 years straight.

The reason? We've REALLY HIGH turnover.

I'd think we'd just pay higher salaries but, apparently, its cheaper to fly people across the country and put 'em up in hotels and all that jazz then pay them what they're worth.

Go figure...
The only place I could get someone to invest in me at all is with Northrup Grumman, but it involves me going to the sandbox about 100 days of the year, and my wife don't like the idea of that.

P.S. I work full time with the Guard so if I don't put that down it leaves a two year gap in my work record, nix so gut...
"GAINFUL employment" ... see there's your problem! I bet many fine companies would like to hire you for nuthin, right? ~~ D.K.
Michael... Turnover's becoming a big problem all over. Again, another reason for the shrinking interview. Why expend any more effort than necessary when the person will only be around for a year?

Fred... Sorry, you're right. I didn't think about that. A gap is a problem. If you don't mind my asking, what exactly do you do for the Guard? Development?

D.K... Yeah, I knew that trying to get a decent compensation package was going to be a problem. ;-)
I work in the s-1 shop for "Taskforce Empire Shield." Payroll/administration type stuff. But what I'm trying to do is get a job with my technical skills...you think someone would have a place for a person who was in system maintinace on Patriot Missile launchers, and system admin on air battle management/air traffic control computers. I'm about down to begging Time Warner to let me install cable for them...

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