BlognonyBITS - The Incredible Expanding Resume

Back in the day, we were told that one's
Resume should never be more than two pages long.
My two page resume generates no interest.
My four and one-half page resume, detailing every
Stupid thing that I've ever accomplished,
Generates three job interviews in a week.
Brevity is dead. Long live the search-engine.


Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong.
Is that because you never know what weird little item will catch the eye of whoever reviews your resume? I remember one interview I had that made absolutely no sense. When I finally asked WHY I was even called for an interview, I was told "I just had to meet someone who'd list Isaac Asimov as a passionate interest." ~~ D.K.
Fred...really hard to tell. No one was more surprised than I. You might want to put up a second resume on some of the job boards, and see if it does better.

D.K... I've often wondered about putting a few well-targeted personal details on a resume--kind of from the school that says..."nope, nothing personal".
Thanks for the tip. I'll be sending mine around soon.
I'm surprised about the results you got from such a long resume too, but that explains why interviews are now shorter than they used to be (which you discussed in your previous post). With such a long resume, they don't have to waste as much time asking you about your experience, accomplishments, etc.

I wonder if this is just a phenomema in your field or in all professional fields. Do you know?
Praguetwin... My pleasure, but you may want to try and get some anecdotal evidence in your field.

Kathy... I actually don't think interviews and resume length are related. The former--at least IMHO--simply has to do with money and risk. If you're putting no investment into the employee, who cares is they have all the skills you need, especially when they'll leave in 18 months anyway.

In the land of the 70 hour work week, employees are simply a commodity to be used up then tossed aside.

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