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Boy has he got that right.

God Bless.
I bet, that Chris' baggy pants are shaking in fear after insulting God's right-hand-man on erath like that. Chris, your nuts are going to be toasted by a bolt of a Biblical lighting any time now!
If I was Obama, I don't know if I'd be encouraged or insulted by that, but it almost made me shoot lemonade out my nose! ~~ D.K.
Too true.
LMAO!!! Love that cat!
I've always loved Chris Rock, and after reading this LIFE interview and watching Rock's appearance with James Lipton earlier this week on Inside The Actors Studio (which echoed much of the same sentiment of the LIFE interview) it only reinforced that I was correct in being a fan of his all along. Rock's assessment of the American public's inability to weed out a retarded candidate is dead-on... sadly. Now if we can only change that BEFORE the 08 elections arrive then maybe this country has a damn chance.
I saw that in my issue this morning. I started laughing out loud. A co-worker of mine, a staunch $hrub supporter asked what was so funny. "You don't want to see this." After much badgering, I finally showed it to him. Of course, he took great umbrage at the remark. Now he's sulking. It's his own damn fault. I told him he didn't want to see it. Maybe next time he'll believe me.

I think Rock nailed it. It's almost as if the spirit of Bill Maher (from the Politically Incorrect days) is inhabiting Rock. Though maybe that's insulting, I've only started paying attention to Chris Rock in the last 4 to 5 years. Maybe he's always been like this.
We've come so far...
That is awesome.
Perhaps the single funniest thing I have ever heard (read, I guess).
Hahahaha. Spot on. Ra!
That's a short and straight answer. I wish he's right about the second part; he's right about the first.
Imagine what he has to say about Cheney...
We've come so far...

Fred, you mean in the "how far the mighty have fallen," sense?
I think that is one of the most genuinely FUNNY comments on Bush that I have heard since he was "elected"! Great one!!
Exactly. We truly ave a retard for a President.

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