The Attorney General Short List

Looks like like Alberto Gonzales is on the way out, and Blognonymous has obtained the administration's confidential 'short list' of potential replacements:

Mr. Burns

A man that would have the DoJ running like a well-oiled machine.

General Manuel Noriega

Out of prison and looking for a new challenge.

Former Senator Palpatine

Defeated in his recent bid for reelection, Palpatine is a renowned for his political skill.


Promises to modernize DoJ and revolutionize law enforcement.

General Zod

The "law-and-order" favorite.


LOL! Sadly, Generalissimo Pinochet is still dead. ;-)

(By the way, one list I saw had Ted Olson on it. Given their habit of choosing absolutely the most politicized hack possible in any situation, I think Ted's got to be the one.)
Although I think General Zod would agree that htis office is beneath him, I could see him giving it a go. Mr Burns on the other hand would have the place running Pinkerton tight. Excellent!
Tom... As well as Francisco Franco. ;-)

Fred... Well how could you go wrong with General Zod? I'd also given some tought to Darth Vader. "I find your line of questioning...disturbing!"
Did Colonel Sanders pass the bar?
Doh, I have to vote for Mr. Burns!
Darth is busy running the Office of the Vice President, isn't he?

I would think they would have to keep a "token Hispanic" in the job, however. Maybe Manuel Noriega is available?
Howard... I think that The Colonel has already been appointed to a prosecutor's position and his lack of credentials has already been revealed. ;-)

Kathy... The right man at the right time!

Sewmouse... That's a good point. So it would have to be Noriega or perhaps Ortega? Not sure he'd give up his current position though.
A token? What about Miguel Estrada, the fed judge nominee that caused Orrin Hatch to accuse democrats of being anti-hispanic over? Ulp, I don't want to be given them any ideas, so forget I mentioned Sr Hatch. Now, Noriega, we know how to control him, right? Loud rock music! Otherwise, Zod has my vote. ~~ D.K.
Syndrome has the looks and seems "more electable."
Hey D.K., that's a pretty good idea. Got to keep up the minority representation.

UndeniableL... It's that full, thick head of hair isn't it?
I think we need to look at Al Swearengen from Deadwood.
How about Dr. Evil and his sidekicks, Mr. Bigglesworth & Mini Me?

Works for me...
Hooooo Agggghhh!
How about this guy?
Scott... Swearengen is an excellent idea. At least with him, you'd always know where he stands.

"Mr. Swearengen, did you authorize the attorney firings?"

"What kind of a question is that, you c*cksucker?!"

Lizzy... Dr. Evil...hmmm. I sort of like him for Prez and Mini-Me as AG.
Thanks TPM...glad you enjoyed it.

Truffle... Welcome to Blognonymous.

The Kurgan! Now there's an awesome law-and-order choice.

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