All Rules Federal Are Out-Sourceable

Taking Reagan's "government is the problem," mantra to it's logical conclusion, the New York Times reports on a new Federal project that allows the IRS to engage tax attorneys to write tax law. Hallelujah! The very people that exploit the loopholes in the code will now get the opportunity to create the loopholes!

But wait...what's that you say? "95% of us don't make enough to use any of those loopholes," details, details! This is a good thing. Trust us. And oh..the breathtaking possibilities this opens up:Well OK... How about we just do away with Congress altogether? We'll let lobbyists pay for congressional seats directly, and then they can write whatever regulations they want. Now how come we didn't think of this before?


It certainly would save a lot of headaches around election time.
If you keep this up you'll end up as cynical as me, Kvatch.

Besides, it's obvious that the defence industry should be put in charge of the Military. After all they know most about the tanks and planes and destroyers. What's that you said? They already are!

Damn, I was just trying to help.
think of how efficient that would be!
I am happy that you left the sanitation business still in the capable hands of the mob. Be assured, that that the great actor/president, Regan, is looking down on you from the heaven and smiling!
You know we could even eliminate a step by putting congress persons directly on the payroll of industries. Wouldn't even have to pay them anymore. They'd be making way more money, and it would really simplify all that pesky oversight of lobbying efforts.

Pekka... I'm so glad to know that 'The Gipper' approves. :-)
We'll let lobbyists pay for congressional seats directly, and then they can write whatever regulations they want.

I thought they already were!
Hi Frog, (OT)

We are trying to raise awareness over the fact that Blogs for Bush founder Mark Noonan, 42, at one time claimed to want to rejoin the military but he was too old. But he's not too old. The Army enlistment age was raised to 42 last year.

Anyway, we are looking for people who would be interested in blogging about it and/or emailing Mark.

He's got a new book coming out and the About the Author page states "After September 11, 2001, Mark attempted to reenlist in military, but was unable to on account of his age. "

Anyway, I've written about it a few times here and here

Anyway, if you do decide to email Mark and/or do a blog post let me know so I can include you on the list of those who are on-board.
Kathy...no truer words, but there's so much waste in not letting them into the halls of power directly. ;-)

PoliS...sorry I missed the call. I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't do any blogging.
Here's my Noonan contribution:

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