Why Detroit Is Doomed or Go Short On Ford

Do you ever wonder why Toyota is poised to overtake GM as the world's #1 automaker? Then look no further than the Ford Interceptor, a concept car that will soon be making the rounds at North American auto shows. If the surprise success of the DaimlerChrysler 300C is a decent metric, Ford will rush this Mustang on steroids into production.

Ford InterceptorDon't be fooled, though. This car purports to be a lot of things that it isn't. For instance, Ford claims that this "environmentally friendly" monster will run on E85 (85% ethanol fuel), but when the rubber hits the road it's 400 horses will be delivered by a conventional engine. Why? Because you just can't get that particular ethanol blend. So the ultimate gas mileage is more likely to be like the competition, the measly 21 MPG delivered by the 3700 lb. 300C.

And what about looks? Seems to me this "high-beltline", low-visibility, thug, looks like the male porn-star of cars: Great for the tartlets but "well-hung" in ways that will make 99% of the population run screaming. In other words, a car "...inspired by the sporty muscle cars of the 1960s," is exactly what America doesn't need right now. So sure...this thing will probably sell to men with small dicks, but 99 in 100 potential customers will head to Toyota for a Camry Hybrid.


Frog, you are uncorked today! This thing looks like a redesigned Caddie from the 80's or a refuge from Pimp My Ride.
Hilarious review. Looks like something you'd see in Escape From New York.... Wonder if you can get optional chandelier headlights???
Fashiongirl, JBlue...thanks! I love how they describe this thing in terms of biology. "Ford DNA" what a bunch of b*llshit!
That and you can barely squeeze 31 mpg out of a Ford Fusion (I know, I've been car shopping the last few weeks). The Civic si gets 32...and it's a sports model. A regular Civic gets 40. Come on America.
From it's ass end it looks exactly like a 300. Originality doesn't count for much in America, which is why the manufacturers are sucking the exhaust of the Japanese.
Fred, I'd say "I feel your pain, man!" But I really don't. The last car I owned was a used 2001 Civic Coupe. Excellent little car. SULEV, 32 combined city/highway, and no breakdowns in the 3 years I owned it.

I agree with Lew, there are many reasons why the US automakers are sucking Japanese exhaust. Cars like that Civic and most especially the Prius' I take out from CityCarShare are a big part of the Japanese' edge.
Lew's right; looks exactly like the Chrysler. As Gallagher one said. "It aint got no style! You gotta have some style"!
I've got a 1997 Jetta, but it's too bad I didn't have the forsight to get a diesel - I'd be runnin' on spent veggie oil today. Well, instead, I'll be runnin' that Jetta into the ground until they get hydrogen all sorted out.
Do you ever wonder why Toyota is poised to overtake GM as the world's #1 automaker?
Why? The domestic industry wants it that way. They're more than happy to be a subsidiary of Toyota. For nearly two decades now, all domestic makers have been allowed to put "Made In America" on vehicles that were merely assembled here. The actual parts were made overseas.

You may or may not have noticed all those fifteen year old Camry's blowing oil smoke out their exhaust from worn out piston rings - and they all looked alike, model year after model year.

Two things happened: One, the domestic industry quit using design teams, and started using bean counters to build their cars - and Toyota did exactly the opposite. End result? We "congratulated" ourselves on at least getting Toyota to build their cars here. Nevermind the parts are all still made in Japan, and nevermind that Toyota gives no health benefits to their workers; only an hourly wage. Bottom line? Toyota saves money by gluing their cars together here, the domestic industry saves money by closing parts plants (thusly avoiding paying those dastardly benefits) and letting Toyota et al make the parts.

Think about that, the next post you make on how so many Americans are without any insurance.

And what in hell does GM have to do with a Ford car???? Give up the prolonged and obvious bias - please!!
Me big man goin' ta git one a dem cars and drive ta Burger King and git me one a dem texas sized whoppers. cuz ahm a MAN that has big things.....
Think about that, the next post you make on how so many Americans are without any insurance.

And what in hell does GM have to do with a Ford car???? Give up the prolonged and obvious bias - please!!

There is no obvious bias in pointing out that the reason GM is shuttering plants while Toyota increases production is due to our auto industry's stubborn refusal to build the cars that people need or want. The Ford Interceptor is just one, fairly ridiculous, example of ultra-fine niche marketing--a strategy that won't revive the US auto industry but might serve to kill it for good. If I'd had a handy GM example, I'd have used it.

If you want to talk about marketing, build quality, design teams, insurance or whatever other topics wind your binder, please post yourself, but save the axe grinding. Your scree is like criticizing me for not complimenting Bush's wonderful singing voice in a post on Iraq.
TFWY: Learn before you spurn, my friend.

Toyota's American worker's get paid Health Care from Toyota. In Japan, workers don't because they don't need it. Japan's government provides it already don't ya know.

So much for the moral superiority of our "christian nation".

It really is an honestly confusing issue though, and no lie. I hope Pelosi's Posse really does successfully tackle this issue in the first 100 hours. At least to make a rational beginning towards their constitutionally mandated duty to provide for the welfare of U.S. citizens.

For the record: I drive an' '05 Kia Spektra which gets around 330 miles per tank. That gets me from Cleveland to Detroit and back without having to stop for gas.

If Ford can't match that, which they simply can not sans hybridization, there is absolutely no reason for me to support their ineptitude. To do so would go against my own values and those of the Capitalist society which helped give America's Big Three Auto Makers that appellation.

{sigh} Ok. I'm off to lunch in my car whilst listening the excellent, though underpowered, sound system.

the car companies follow the money.
when the people in the US get mad about gas prices and start paying attention to the environment, they start selling 'environmentally friendly' cars.

when the crisis is over, the US'ers go back to buying SUV's and the 'big 3 are more than happy to supply em.

I can't talk too loudly. I'm in the US and I have a pickup truck--tho a pretty small one. still, my excuse is that I haul stuff -- not people. I've literally hauled a kitchen sink around town.
Michael...well, up until last summer, I drove a 1996 Triumph Thunderbird, but selling it was worth an extra 6 weeks off from work at a time when I needed a break. So...sold it I did.

Ford is indeed inept if they thing that such narrow niche marketing is going to save them.

Two Crows, through the ups and downs of gas prices our here on the Left Coast, hybrids have remained popular. Toyota just can't sell enough. Though I probably won't go back to owning a car, I still have fantasies about a sports sedan that gets 40+ MPG. Oh please, can I have one? As for your pickup... I don't begrudge anyone who needs a particular vehicle in order to live/work, but, for example, no American family of 4 needs more than two cars, but many do. It's why there are more cars than people in this nation.

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