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Never let it be said that TSA isn't willing to be reasonable when circumstances require it. Rumors are floating around the Internet that the agency has increased the amount of liquid you can bring onto an airplane--in it's own original retail bottle, of course--from a measly 3.0 ounces to a generous 3.5 ounces. Though TSA has not deigned to explain the increase, one interested party notes that 3.5 ounces is size of most small perfume bottles.

Here's A Thought: Explosive = Bad
And just in case you thought that TSA wasn't being thorough in their coverage of "bad things to bring on airplanes", I commend you to the TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items list wherein you'll find that the following aren't permitted in your carry-on OR your checked luggage: Blasting caps, dynamite, fireworks, flares, hand grenades, plastic explosives, and realistic replicas of explosives. Hmmm...seems pretty reasonable to me. But since they're all prohibited, couldn't they just have distilled that whole list down to, "If it goes boom, or looks like it might go boom, it's prohibited."

And One Final Thought
Perusing that Permitted and Prohibited Items list is definitely interesting. Did you know that snow globes are prohibited, even when they're under 3.0...I mean 3.5 ounces in volume? That'll show those terrorists. I'm sure that some operative is just itching to sneak a Santa globe filled with plastique through TSA.


They come up with some moves that are mind boggling, do they not? But the most frustrating thing I've found, is not every airport reads the rules the same. Airport A will take "this" and not give it back: Airport B will take "that" and let "this" go. I inadvertently left a tiny "pocket knife" on my key chain once. Some jackass was going to take my entire keychain...house, car, etc. keys and all!!! Only profound begging got my house and car keys back. The prick did in fact keep the entire key chain! There is NO negotiating with the pricks whatsoever! Nada!!! They are the minimum wage Gods, and your ass is headed for jail if you don't bow..(:

Which "Kvatch" is going to be the real one?:) We're not gonna have to do that "is it real, or is it memorex" thing, are we?:)
The good thing is that Ted Stevens wife is on a no-fly list, so it's not just average shmoes getting hassled.
Get set, now you will have too have a passport to return from Canada, Mexico and other countries you once could travel to without one. So if your going to visit any of these countries you better get your passport now instead of waiting until the last minute.

How long before you will need it to travel between states? How long before your stopped and ask for your papers? Our freedoms are quickly disappearing before our eyes, but no one see's it happening. Will we ever get our country?
I hope so as I don't enjoy living under a Dictatorship.

God Bless.
How could anyone not love those TSA people, even if they are generally overweight and dimwitted.
You know, they don't do those cavity searches just because the enjoy it!
It hardly seems fair to make them identify numbers like 3.5.
TFWY... I had a TSA officer confiscate an expensive small toolset for adjusting eyeglasses, and as I was leaving the checkpoint he pocketed it. I was so angry I almost confronted him, but was already late for a flight. F*ckers!

Lew... Thanks for the link. That article is funny in a sort of sad way.
AnonP, I've had a passport since the age of 14 and think that you should have to carry it when traveling to Mexico or Canada. The dual standard is just asking for screwups.

But to your second point...we're already there. You're already required to show ID to fly, using a law that you can't examine and that officials won't even admit exists.

Cartledge...true. When you've got arbitrary standards for most everything else, one for liquids seems burdensome.
I have lived in countries where the carrying of identification papers was mandatory and woe, woe to anyone who said, "I must have left it in my other purse" or any other such excuse. Since our passports were kept by the national employer company, our American parent company had official photo IDs made to clip on our collars and we darned well better have them on us when we left our expatriate camp. Once in a while our 50 passenger ladies' shopping bus was stopped by soldiers or police and they examined everyone's documents suspiciously. Our parent company hired multi-national employees, and thus wives and children from many countries were a part of our community. Once the soldiers started to drag a Pakistani woman off the bus, even though she wore her ID tag; they claimed she was a native woman. Only the concerted outcry by 49 other ladies and our chauffeur finally convinced them to release the terrified, weeping woman. Going to jail in that African country was NOT like going to jail in the U.S. I would hate to see a national ID system instituted here, although a proposal for a national driver's license has been suggested. For national security, ofcourse.

PS, glad to see you visit us again, Kvatch. We have missed our multicolored frog!
You know those TSA-approved locks? The ones the TSA has a key for, so you can lock your luggage and then they can unlock it, check your stuff, then relock it? Last time I flew they unlocked my TSA-approved lock, checked my luggage, then closed the bag and left the lock off. This is what you get with the new and improved TSA: useless people who do a shit job. But they are protecting us from...snowglobes! Watch out, people, he's got a snowglobe and he knows how to shake it! You better back off or he'll make it look like its snowing in Manhattan!

I love living in the US, mostly, but there is so much bullshit to living here it is unbelievable. I'm not nostalgic for the good old days, but I think most of the problems have been caused by idiotic reactions to a tragic event rather than the tragic event itself. The Idiot-in-Chief escalated the problems rather than solving them. Unfortunately, there were just too many people calling for blood and vengeance to allow real solutions to be sought, and the people in power were only too happy to use th eemotions of our national tragedy to do the most awful things and vent their own, nasty personalities on national policy.

Anyway, keep an eye open for snowglobes. The ones that make music are the worst. There's nothing worse than listening to The Skater's Waltz. It could bring down a fleet of airplanes.
Hey Worried...thanks for the comments and sorry 'bout not getting to Is American Burning more often. I've got so many blogs to check in with these days, I rarely see them all more than once or twice per week. Trust me whan I say that I'm reading even though I may not be commenting.

DBK, Bruce Schneier has a good observation about TSA and other 'security' agencies: Responding to movie threats. The idea that anyone would use a < 3.5 ounce camping bottle (those little ones you get in nylon toiletry sets) to try and smuggle something bad on board an aircraft is completely ridiculous, but what do they do... Crazyness.
It is funny how so many losers who simply have a problem with authority figures, get on message boards like this and complain about everything. How about just following the rules and getting a life? I am sure the TSA people don't go home blogging about passengers. It is not even that serious. So what if the rules change? Life is change. Just do what your told for pete's sake. I travel often (military) and get the feeling that all of you people blogging about TSA, Cops and the like are people who just don't like being told what to do. Get over it. TSA is doing what they are ordered by congress to do. If you don't like it, than put pressure on your elected officials.
It amazes me how many anonymous cowards get on here and whine about so-called 'rule-breakers', conveniently ignoring that the point of the post was to highlight the waste and cronyism in a system that fails to actually protect their sorry, sheep-like asses.

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