Spinning Habeas Corpus On A Technicality

Well Blognonymous seems still to be in business, so let's not pass on this little gem...

"The Constitution does not say that every citizen has the right to habeas corpus."
Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales - Senate Judiciary Hearings 2007/01/18

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.
US Constitution, Article 1, Section 9

Writs of habeas corpus may be granted by the Supreme Court, any justice thereof, the district courts and any circuit judge within their respective jurisdictions...
Title 28, Section 2241 of the US Code

So yeah, technically...not a right, but guess what Alberto, you f*cking moron, Article 1, Section 9 is a limit on the powers of Congress. So you and your megalomaniac boss don't get to decide either!

And politicians on both sides of the aisle freaked when Silvestre Reyes mixed up Iran and Iraq. Mother puss-bucket!


He's a putz, a jerk and a dangerous combatant. How did we get stuck with these morons? Every time they open their mouth, I cringe. In embarrassment and anger.
Little Georgie thinks his signature on a signing statement trumps Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, et. al. on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. Asskisser Gonzales thinks his longtime friendship with el Gringo trumps his oath to uphold the Constitution. They want to go all in but don't realize - Texas hold 'em don't have trumps.
Deb, Sadbuttrue... I've argued frequently that Gonzales' poor understanding of the Constitution, coupled with his complete disregard for his duties as our chief law enforcement officer, make him unfit to serve as the AG.
Introducing "iHabeus," a thinner, lightweight version of Habeus Corpus.
You guys are the best. How else could actually find a way to smile in the face of this insanity.

Honestly, Thanks!!! :)

Now let's all write our Congresscritters and teach them how to do their goddamned jobs!
Can we get people to issue signing statements that although they voted for Bush, they want their vote to count for someone else? Could be something like, I know I only get one vote, but during times of war and grave threat from terrorists, I reserve the right to decide later on who I voted for
Mr_Blog... That's a very cool post. Sorry I missed it the first time.

Michael... I believe that it's one of those 'you have to laugh to keep from crying' sort of situations.

Me4Prez... I think the language should be closer to: "This vote shall not construed as a vote for the sitting president."
I loved watching Leahy grill him- and then Spector- he looks sweaty , less smug than ususal...
It was interesting to watch Gonzales squirm which hasn't happened in the past.

I agree that you must laugh in order to avoid being in the fetal position. It still has the Twilight Zone feel unfortunately.

Good luck in your move, Kvatch. I look forward to seeing the new place.
El-turdo makes me long for the days of John Ashcroft (no easy feat, considering his singing abilities). Just another argument for impeachment would be to get this reprobate away from the power to implement his "unitaty executive" theories.
this guy is WAY worse than ashcroft - and i never thought i'd hear myself say that.
Gracie, Enigma... I would have loved to have seen it, but I was a day too late in getting the story from Corrente.

Lew Supergirlest... He is worse, isn't he? I didn't think that anybody could be worse than Ashcroft. He was a buffoon, but at least not blatently malevolent like Gonzales.

Torquemada Gonzales has got to go. He's totally unqualified to be Attorney General.

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