South Dakota Renames Itself 'Deciderstan'

Sioux Falls (f-A-ke. P.) -

In an unprecedented move, the state of South Dakota introduced legislation that would officially change it's name to Deciderstan. Mary Glenski, speaking for the representatives who introduced the bill, said:
We're just following the lead of our glorious president George W. Bush, a man who knows when to tell the American people to stuff it. Here in South Dakota, the ballot referendum that did away with our recent abortion law was just a fluke. It isn't what the people really wanted, and by gum were not going to let it stand in the way of saving babies.
Another proposal being considered by the legislature would change the state motto to, "Will of the people be damned!"


I understand Fred Phelps is operating a training camp in Deciderstan, and it's packed with recruits who want to learn how to terrorize funerals.
Who is this "Will" and how fore, if he's of Teh People, should'st he be damned?

(Deciderstan... heheheh...)
Hi Frog,

Dickehead Bush announced recently that he is now The Decision Maker


PoliS, to be perfectly accurate I think that it would be: South Decisionmakerfuck-you-o-stan. :-)

Michael, I'm sure Will's don't something wrong. Remember that in Bu$hCo's world, we're all 'criminals in waiting'.

Fred's too smart to go to Deciderstan this time of year. They save their winter crazines for Florida.

Where all the women are strong smelling
all the men are strange looking
and all the children turn out well below average
Why not just call it Bushistansmullaland. Where all the taliban gather for religious trainning.

God Bless.
These people get more unbelievable all the time. They've gone from "you lost get over it" to "we lost, you're under arrest."
But then again, not so much taken in context.
Tom Harper: As scary as that potential reality is, I STILL Laughed Out Loud when reading it.

Well said!
Fashiongirl... I know the "Anonymous" comment was from you. Sorry New Blogger 'et it. "All the men are strange looking..." I think you've got it!

AnonP... "Bushistanmullaland" is really hard to pronounce. Would probably cut into SD's tourism. ;-)

Tom... They'll never get over it. They're still living in the "Permanent 'Thuglican Majority".
Old Broad, MB... Glad you enjoyed it, though the subject material isn't very enjoyable, is it? On the other hand, what would I post if I couldn't put a snarky angle on the situation?

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