SOTU Day, Part 3 - The Terrible Twenties


And Scooter will not take the fall
Bush & Co he'll get you all
He'll out America's true enemy,
and make Karl Rove a distant memory
Impeaching Cheney makes far more sense than Bush: If Cheney goes, Bush ain't gonna be able to wipe his ass!! The downside of that is he might actually try playing President himself...shudder!!!!!
Snow's comment that the speach would "reflect a little bit of the political reality" just about lost me a mouthful of decaf! Luckily it only made it half-way up m' nose...


...Bush's cavalier approach to budget matters runs the risk of turning true conservatives against him.

There are 3 reasons it didn't do that as of 3 years ago:

1) because of the delusions of ignorant "patriots" (thanks to the MSM, of course)

2) religious nincompoops who think Belief is more important than Fact and know (read believe) that Bush is Man Of God®

3) Ultraconservatives know that even a losing venture (the only kind the Shrub has ever managed) is bound to make Big Bucks for the well-positioned.

Love the poem, eh.
Let's hope fashiongirl's prediction comes true too.
Excellent stuff. Thanks for the chuckle.
Thanks Betmo, Michael, PoP.

UndeniableL... You're very welcome.

Fashiongirl... Love the couplets!
TFWY...Bush will probably just turn to Karl in that case--scary in itself.

Michael... Number three is the most important IMHO. As I mentioned two posts back, the war is all about enriching the industries that put money in GOP coffers. Who cares that it will be paid for by our children, and grand-children, and great grand-children, etc...

Rb-E, wouldn't that be something. Don't even have to impeach Karl, just fire him and indict his ass.
Primates heading down the ladder.
Bush is bad, is Cheney badder?
They're both bad, is Rummy worse?
Evolution's in reverse!

Shouting preachers make us weary.
Gravity is just a theory!
Now I fear they'll soon be calling
For schools to teach "Intelligent Falling".

Bush can stand and smirk and boast,
But we all know he's really toast.
Republicans feel duty-bound,
But they don't like what they have found.

Now the emperor, widely loathed,
Really, truly, has no clothes.
They'll support their party, true,
But now they don't know what to do.

Stick with Fearless Leader now?
Or get him out of there somehow?
They can't give him adoration
When he's using obfuscation.

Chimpletons, come on, unite!
Help us fight the country's fight!
Not Iraq and not Iran,
But flushing Dumbya down the can!

With your help we'll get it done.
You never know... it might be fun!
Let's be strong, let's not be vague:
Let's send the sucker to The Hague.
Bravo, Snave!!!
Great contribution Snave, made my day along with "The War on Trigonometry".

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