SOTU Day, Part 1 - Enriching Your Friends

Rumors floating around the MSM suggest that war plans for Iran are much more advanced and wide-ranging than simple strikes to take out their supposed nuclear capabilities. Just this morning, we learn that two carrier battle groups are entering the Persian Gulf in what appears to be a US warning to Iran. So here's the issue... With Bu$hCo nothing is as it seems. Iraq was about oil...not democracy. It was about enriching corporations that put millions into Republican coffers. And they were greatly enriched through instability in the world's oil markets, favorable deals to control Iraqi oil production, and massive government tax giveaways. Likewise, companies such as Halliburton, KBR, and Bechtel were greatly enriched through lucrative contracts to support the occupation. So what then, is Iran about?

I suggest that Iran is about enriching defense contractors. It will be about expending a sizeable chunk of our expensive, non-durable military hardware because, let's face it, we don't have the manpower to attack Iran much less occupy the country. In Iraq, the use of expensive weaponry--tanks, missiles, aircraft--was largely over after the first 6 weeks of the war. So Lockheed, Northrup-Grumman, and General Dynamics didn't get the opportunity to cash in on the $350B we've spent thus far. Iran will be payment in recompense for that oversight.


I'm gonna have to agree with you here. That, and the fact that Dubya's EGO is so, hmmmm, what's the word I'm looking for, oh, BATSHIT CRAZY?
And to answer that question you asked earlier, yes, Drippin' is only about 25 minutes from Johnson City.
If the only real manufacturing capacity left in the country is armaments I guess the industry needs Georges welfare assistance to survive.
I wonder if those big warheads, planes and things could be converted to shelters for the homeless?
Old Broad...it's one of those "follow the money" situations. Though not much more sophistocated than Iraq's military, Iran's is three times larger, and the installations that we're really interested in are much harder to get to. Add to that the fact that we really can't spare any troops to attack the country, so we'll have no choice but to depend on high-tech weapons.

Cartledge...a sadly true statement with the US being the worlds largest arms exporter.

To address the your other statement: Not sure I'd want the homeless here living in an Abrams tank, but a Hummer? Now there's an idea. :-)
with all of this 'enriching' going on- too bad it makes this country and the rest of the world a poorer place. sad, desperate little men with power.
As soon as the bombs fall on Tehran, Sadr and the Mahdi army will launch an offensive on U.S. troops in Iraq. Iraqi Shiites will not sit by idly and watch their fellow Shiites die from American bombs. Is Bush really that crazy to start another war? He probably is.
Betmo...desperate little--very, Very, VERY rich--men with power.

Comandante... Alas, I agree--exactly that crazy, and I believe you're right on your assessment of what's will happen in Iraq. [sigh]
Iran is about showing that Iraq was a fluke an we can kick ass. When that doesn't work, we will invade Haiti
we could always invade Grenada again. It worked for the Gipper!
This may be something of a case of tail and the dog wagging each other, that is, the relationship between military and industry may well be driving any decision to "punish" Iran.

I agree with Me4Prez... after the Middle East we had really better pick on someone we can totally control. Haiti would be good, or maybe Grenada again, or maybe the Seychelles or Mauritius.

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