Schooling Bush and Mini-G

This sums up the problem with indefinite detention and military tribunals about as well as anything I've read.
It is critical that we understand that this new form of terrorism carries another more subtle, perhaps equally pernicious, risk. Because it might encourage a fear-driven and inappropriate response. By that I mean it can tempt us to abandon our values. I think it important to understand that this is one of its primary purposes...

We wouldn't get far in promoting a civilising culture of respect for rights amongst and between citizens if we set about undermining fair trials in the simple pursuit of greater numbers of inevitably less safe convictions. On the contrary, it is obvious that the process of winning convictions ought to be in keeping with a consensual rule of law and not detached from it. Otherwise we sacrifice fundamental values critical to the maintenance of the rule of law - upon which everything else depends.

Sir Ken Macdonald, Head of the British Crown Prosecution Service
George, Tony? Any questions?


One of the main components of the MIHOP 9/11 conspiracy is that not only does it allow an excuse to invade countries where all the oil to feed the war machine is conveniently located, it also gives them an oppurtunity to esablish a corporate dictatorship, the corpocracy, here at home. We have already seen an erosion of civil liberties because so many people are willing to sacrifice them in order to feel a little bit (but not too much) safer and secure.

Damn I hate this new blogger.
It is not like this hasn't been said before in the past few years.
But now perhaps there is a wider audience ready to grasp the sense of the argument.
In a perfect self serving political system leaders are inclined to listen to the voice of an angry public, if only to save themselves.
Lew Scannon touched an interesting area. Most of our (mine at least) focus has been on Bush's power grab, but Consumer rights/laws/avenues of redress right here at home are eroding faster than a snowball in hell!

I think that you and TFWY are both correct in that Bu$hCo has been as aggressive on the domestic front as on the international. Look at how many consumer unfriendly litigation laws have been passed in the last six years. Coupled with the wholesale gutting of the EPA, consumer protections are in dire straights.
Sometimes I still rub my eyes and shake my head at the sheer amount of lunacy that has overtaken our common sense. Dubya & Co. should be proud. They have officially made our beloved country utterly unrecognizable.
"Consumer protections"?

Hah! It's our own damn faults for not being stinking rich!


That kind of debasement of human value for the sake of "property" rights is what sickens and, yes, frightens me the most about the whole Bu$hCo phenomenon as it has been aided and abetted by the last several Congresses.

The 110th has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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