On The Other Hand, Some Women...

...shouldn't even be allowed out in public much less in politics. "An example?" you say. How about Paris Hilton? The woman who proves that maybe Sharia Law isn't such a bad idea after all.

Have you heard about Paris Exposed? Supposedly the succubutant stashed all here tawdry tchotchkes in a storage locker while she was between mansions and then...forgot to pay the bill. So what did the enterprising self-storage owner do? He actioned her stuff off to the highest bidder, and voila! Though now it seems that Joe Francis ('Girls Gone Wild') and his former penis-cozy (Paris) are gonna sue to get the site taken down.

Is Paris indicative of the brats that will run this country when I'm in my dotage? If so, we're doomed.

(BTW: The 'Joe Francis' quote comes from A Socialite's Life and gets the coveted I Made Kvatch Snort His Martini Through His Nose Award for this week.)


OK, I need one of those awards, too, 'cause I spewed Dr. Pepper through my sinuses when I read this.
Her parents must be so very proud.
Penis-cozy...heh, heh...that's a good one, Beavis.
Old Broad...or cowering in fear in anticipation of the next revelation.

J. Marquis... Don't you wish you'd thought of it? I know I do.
Paris Hilton a victim? The only people around her who can make the claim are all the people who've been exploited by the weasel faced no talent spotlight craving skank in her quest to famous for no apparent reason.
Is Paris indicative of the brats that will run this country when I'm in my dotage? If so, we're doomed.
I suspect PH will never run much more than her mouth, although she could be crazy like a fox, too. Publicity is the sustenance she lives on. And let's not forget her companion in action, Miss Oh My! Did I forget to put panties on, forget leather seats are sticky, forget to keep my legs together as any woman would do when exiting a car, and forget the press would be there when I slid out of that car?" Lot's 'O "forgots", there.:)

If she got elected today, I'd worry. Then again.......maybe not.

Very nice.
Okay the visual I got from "penis cozy" is going to haunt me for years to come!
Lew, TFWY... Paris and Britney are both blights on the youth of America (Damn I can't believe I just said that...I ain't that old). On the other hand, maybe Paris could Ambassador to the UN, I hear the post is open and you don't need qualifications to occupy it.

SA... Like that huh? I think that's another from Socialite's Life.

Fashiongirl...not me. I'm imagining something like a crocheted condom.
That's exactly what I'm picturing only with Paris' head and wonky eye
Actually, I think Miz Hilton is gonna get that wonky eye fixed soon ... at least, that's the word 'round the campfire.
Eeeewwww! Wonky eye. You mean like Forest Whitaker?
Make her a man, ugly, with a whiny Texas accent. Paris Hilton is the President now, in your non-dotage.
Paris Hilton will be the UN ambassador in the Jenna Bush administration, Britney Sprears will be Secretary of Health and Human Services and Ryan Seacrest will head up the State department. Let's hear it for my generation!!!
Poetic justice for Joe Francis.

By the way, it's standard procedure for storage facilities to auction off the contents of units in arrears. There are people who make their livings that way. Every now and then there'll be a corpse in one of them.
Comandante... EEK! The Jenna Bush administration?! EEK! Now I am gonna have to emigrate.

Tom... Yeah, I kinda suspected, but I'll bet that the contents of that particular storage locker went a bit a bit faster than others. :-)

Oh, that was good.
Kvatch...fine form sir...well done. The sucking debutante made my sides hurt...really bad. And Lew...you certainly have a way with words too.

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