Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like 20,000 Volts

Friends, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and this year don't be the schmuck who gives same-day flowers or the last minute card. Give your sweetie something that will put some charge in your relationship: The Taser C2 personal protection device.

Yes this little beauty, now in attractive colors for the style conscious vigilante, really says I care...enough to arm you with a weapon that can stop a crazed wolverine at 10 paces.

So this year, give a gift with some zap! The Taser C2!
(Not for use as a defibrillator no matter how good an idea you think that is!)


Wow! Kewl!! We have communicators, **chirp chirp** "Kirk here!"

Now we have hand phasers!!! Damn, like I said before, is this a great country or what???

If I can use it against Pit Bulls, I'm for it. Or would it just piss them off? ~~ D.K.
No thank you. I'm not into those pain and bondage sex games.
Just be sure not to confuse it with the ibuzz.
Haris, does sort of look like the phasers from TNG doesn't it.

D.K., you probably could, but would it stop a pit bull? Perhaps it would be put off by the stylishness of your weapon.

Comandante, but what a charge for when you need a little help.

I'd get one for Jody, except I can't be sure she wouldn't consider bad jokes a Taser-worthy offense. The looks she gives me sometimes suggest she might.
Well...Hmmm...I just reported on "The Good-Bye Weapon"
Tom...in that case...perhaps that card I mentioned above. :-)

Chuck...I'll pop right over to take a look.
Are you kidding?! just to have it used against me at a later date and time for doing something like leaving the toilet seat up!
I can imagine leaving this one laying around in the budoir, and grabbing the wrong item in the dark. . ."O" my! ;)
I expect I'll get a new lawnmower for Valentine's. And to answer your question, yes, please change my link to the new one. If you're interested in the button, e-mail me and I'll send you the embed code.
Maybe jewelry stores can team up with this in time for Valentines?: Every kiss begins with Kay... and a stream of piss down your jolted leg. Ahhh... ain't love grand?
Um, I'd be happy with a hug and a real good kiss, thanks. Not so much the electronics.
Fred, of course the opposite perspective is that it makes for good aversion therapy.

John, shocking!

Old Broad, ah...so glad you're found. I'll get right on those links.
Tina, how about:

"Every vamp could use some amps!"

Mags, as the Frogette will tell you one of the advantages of being married to a geek such as myself is the really good techno gifts. That said, I don't think she's going to be getting this for "V" day.
I think I'd try to be first be sure that A: The relationship was ending and she was moving to Australia, never to return, or B: See A when in doubt.
...a weapon that can stop a crazed wolverine at 10 paces

Woohoo! Now I can go to next year's OSU game 'gainst "that team up north" without fearing for my life!

Ya think it comes in Scarlett and Gray?
Hey, hey now Michael. I wasn't suggesting that you use this thing on your friends at Michigan. :-)

TFWY...perhaps this little baby could be used to hasten the end of a relationship. "Honey could you rub my feet?" [ZAP!]
looks like it should double as a vibrator, I sware... :-p

and I like that Amanda Congdon volunteered for a test jolt...
Damn, that thing is for real? I heard Jay Leno talking about it on his show the other night, and I thought he was joking.
Alice, you mistake that thing for a vibrator, and you're going to be hating life, I think. ;-)

Tom...boggles the mind doesn't it? I'm having these horrible visions of people whipping these things out during minor arguments to go 'vigilante' on each other.

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