The Library of Congress Speaks

Thanks to Fred and the Comandante who turned me on to this.
Get one for your blog here.


Nudity! Boy, this sounds like a blog I want to read!
Allow me to say as a former student library worker at Kent State, those seemingly innocent "stiff shirt/ hair in a bun/ eye glasses wearing librarians" have plenty of potty humor, secret goings-on and nudity they want to cover up, too ;)
Looks like Al Gonzales already got to your card. That post about HD-DVD must fall under his "war on porn".
oh, shiny. I got my own.
Going for mine now.
Sorry I haven't been around much. Have pneumonia and not feeling so great, but it's good RX to come visit you.
Diva, Ms. Broad...very cool huh?

Pneumonia? I'll bet you're under the weather. Well here's hoping you feel better soon.
I got my own and posted it. Thanks much for the link!
what a nice lil toy..thanks m'dear :)

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