Land of 10,000 Lakes...

...except that they're methane, they're on Saturn's moon Titan, and the pictures come from the Cassini probe.

Very, very cool!

(And could I post anything more geeky?)


So when's Halliburton going to build the pipeline from Titan to our moon and from our moon to earth?
That is awesome. It really does look like a classic Canadian Shield landscape.
So when's Halliburton going to build the pipeline from Titan to our moon and from our moon to earth?

Oh...PoliShifter...cynical, very cynical! On the other hand... Will we need to start a war there first?

Tom, that is exactly what I thought when I first say the photo. Hence the title...
We need to fight 'em out there so we don't have to fight 'em here, especially if thars oil in them thar lakes.
Hey, I must be just as geeky since this is the second place I've stumbled upon this information in the last few minutes.

Love some of the comments you're had already. :)
UndeniableL, well...not exactly oil, but definitely something we can use. "Go git it boys!"

Gracie, normally I don't post stuff that's this geeky, but when it comes to Cassini/Hyugens and the Mars Rovers, I can't resist.
Oh, you could definitely go more geeky as far as I'm concerned. A direct JPL feed would do me just fine.

And Titan, wow, are we looking at our future if we keep force-feeding our desire for methane-producing cattle in a quest for bigger, more tender beef on the hoof? ~~ D.K.
Geeks love shit like this. Thanks for postin' it Kvatch.
A direct JPL feed would do me just fine.

Now that would be geeky! :-) :-) But do you think that we're going to find a bovine source for all that methane, D.K.?

Windspike, I remember when I saw the first pictures from Hyugens. Titan looked the most alien place in the universe. Still does I suppose.
well I do think excessive methane here on earth is about 50% bovine, and 50% flatulating out of DC! I remember an old astronomy book (mid-60's vintage) with an artist's drawing that showed the atmosphere of Titan as a beautiful blue owing to the knowledge it had atmosphere & therefore might be earthlike & colonizable. Aah well, no such easy way out, huh. Gotta make this old place work til we figure out how to terraform mars. Sheesh, I also remember in the early 70's thinking that mars colonization would be happening in my lifetime! ~~ D.K.
I am sure we will claim it as US territory soon
On the plus side, methane lakes would probably solve Minnesota's mosquito problem.
"Go git it boys!"

I third that motion! Get those necessary but sociopathic lunatics (heheh {-;) off-planet ASAP so the Earth can remain habitable and they can still reap their profits for resources we really do need.

Ain't so geeky, squeaky! Is just some good, good Science. :)
I am sure we will claim it as US territory soon

Graeme...no doubt.

D.K., we do seem to be slowing down on the whole space colonization thing, don't we?

KnightErrant, "solve Minnesota's mosquito problems"? What if it creates silicon Uber Mosquitos that breath methane that they can ignite in order to destroy their prey before sucking their blood?!

Michael... I am a sucker for really good space tech.
Yes, very, very cool. I think it's exciting.... Guess I'm a bit of a geek, eh?
I think Halliburton doesn't have to build a pipeline to Titan if they want methane... they can build one directly to my anus. I seem to produce a lot of the liquid type of methane, anyway.

Seriously, though, thanks for that link, K.! I AM a geek and I WILL bookmark that one!! I love pictures of space. There are so many ways of looking at things that we here on the ground can only imagine! When I was in Florida for vacation a couple of summers ago, I found a cool postcard of the peninsula of Florida from space, and I sent it to an appreciative friend with the caption on the back "And yes, it DOES look like big, diseased dick!" (Don't take that as a comment on anything but the physical shape of Florida... I LOVED my time spent there!)

Despite the need for money to be spent here on earth to combat disease, poverty, starvation... I STILL support efforts to explore space.

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