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Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD? Who Cares? The 1000 Lb. Gorilla Has Spoken
Did you know that this battle is over? Did you know that history will repeat itself? And the winner is..."HD-DVD"!!! Why? Because that's where the porn industry is going, and where pornographers go all will follow. Seems Sony doesn't want porn to be produced on their new format. So, like Betamax a quarter century ago, Sony kills their own baby.

I Like Yelp. You Like Yelp.
And the people who get paid to write the reviews really, really like Yelp. Now where the f*ck am I going to go for an unbiased opinion about that new noodle joint that opened up on the corner? [kvatch,kvatch]

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends
Well I can't put it off any longer. Seems Blognonymous has been 'invited' to switch to the new Blogger. You'll recall that I tried this some weeks back with only limited success, but the choice no longer seems to be mine. With that in mind, I'm going to try and get this squared away once and for all and won't be posting again until at least Sunday afternoon. See you then, and wish me luck.


Ahh yes... porn. The TRUE measure of any civilized consumer society... cough... hack.

Hey... since I am BEYOND TERRIFIED of switching (seriously... I am starting to have REAL anxiety about switching to beta-blogger) will you be so kind, dear Froggie, to painfully post step by step what exactly one has to do to switch? This fellow blogger who is tech-scared would be so oh-so grateful.
Now where the f*ck am I going to go for an unbiased opinion about that new noodle joint that opened up on the corner?

Well, duh: Chowhound. (I used to be fairly active there, back in the days when I was going out to eat more.) They have a lot of very knowledgeable people--intimidatingly so.
the switch is actually very easy. don't be scared :)
I switched a few days ago - no real glitches so far...

except I have comments I can't find to moderate - but that's a holdover from the previous system.

Ahh yes... porn. The TRUE measure of any civilized consumer society... cough... hack.

Hey porn is the original 'early-adopter' industry. Can you think of any other segment that uses the multi-angle feature on DVDs?

As for the Blogger transition...I'll do my best. Hopefully Betmo and Alice are right and it'll be easy. But whatever I learn, I'll impart.
Porn is where all the innovation is. I am sure they were the first to use zoom and voice overs
Yes, I too have been informed that the new blogger is ready and I still won't switch until I have too. What is the best way to save my template? I have been copying and pasting it into notepad. I have tried saving as txt with encoding set to ANSI, unicode, unicode big endian and UTF-8. Is this the correct way to backup my template or should it be done another way?

Any help is appreciated.
How is it you know so much about porn?:) The switch was "painless" for me, except a lot of commenters turned into anonymous, but when they commented on the new system, all was well.

Anon: I just click the template to edit it, Ctrl-A (select all), then Ctrl-C (Copy), close the template, open notepad, Ctrl-V (paste), and just save it as a txt file. Then, if I need to reinstall it, just the reverse. I've saved and reinstalled mine several times. That way, I'm just saving/reinstalling the text of my template, not all that formatting junk.
If you save it that way don't you lose your links and any changes you made too the template, since they are part of the template?
Good luck to ya...hope it doesn't give you a headache.
Porn is definately the industry leader....
Me4Prez, Windspike...not sure what it is about porn that makes them adopt every new technology. Low production cost, leaving more money for the 'wiz-bang' features?

As for how it it that I, "...know so much about about porn?" TFWY: Just you never mind about that. :-)
AnonP, you shouldn't have any problems with the character encoding unless you're using some non-Latin characters. As for editors, I have an industry-strength XML editor (tool of the trade, I'm afraid), so I may not be the best person to ask about editors. Though I do what TFWY does...save and reinstall all the time. You won't lose anything as long as the 'primary' copy of your template resides on your own computer (text file or whatever).
Good luck switching over. I did it last weekend without any problems, although I was a tad disappointed my blog didn't look anymore polished or snazzy. I was expecting miracles. There is one nice feature I like though, when someone leaves a comment and it's forwarded to your e-mail, that e-mail actually refers to the post where the comment was left. Thank heavens! I hated it when someone left a comment to a very old post and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.
My template is the one blogspot gives for use. It sits on bloggers site I guess so I save it in case I need to rebuild my links. I'm really not that familar with html or templates and this is still new too me. I had seen somewhere that said to save a copy of your template in case you have to restore a corrupted one. So maybe I didn't really understand what they were talking about. I'll ask someone else and maybe they can give me the information I'm looking for. Thanks though for your reply and also thanks to the future was yesterday for his.

God Bless.
Ah, the new Blogger. I had to have a tech genius, Fernando of Rancho La Luna, walk me through it step by step. That new "layout" form is a BITCH from hell until you learn it. It is becoming a tad easier, but no thanks to BLOGGER. Their how-to on using it is worthless.
Oh, when you do, think about switching to Haloscan for your comments. SO much easier. And you can delete and BAN, too!
I switched without any problems. My haloscan transfered as well
If you save it that way don't you lose your links and any changes you made too the template, since they are part of the template?
Anon: No. The only thing you're doing is saving whatever is on your template now. The links are turned back into "links" when blogger reads the template. All you're doing is saving the text that tells Blogger what's what. It's been a foolproof system for me. I have Dreamweaver 8 (a HTML,.etc. editor) and I quickly said the hell with that in favor of the good ole copy/paste/save. Everything on your template is plain old text. Blogger reads that text, then does it's thing for you. Here's a great place that takes the "scary" out of HTML. Go here, on the left under "Primers" click "HTML" and you'll see it's nothing but a bunch of text. One misplaced period can keep you up all night debugging is all.:)
My primary blog is still Old Blogger, but my "test" blog, started before the "mandatory" switch, is actually more fun, or at least easier, to post on.

Since it was just a test, I decided to play with the name as well. If I wasn't such a silly human, maybe I'd switch to the new for good.

Alas, for good or ill, Blogger invites but won't let me convert my old one. I think it's cuz I'm still an Admin on my s-daughter's li'l blog. Don't really know. Don't really care.

Good luck!

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