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I would'a blogged, but they beat me to it and did it better.

Political Purge at the DoJ
Tom Hilton of If I Ran The Zoo has got the goods on Bu$hCo's purging of some of our more effective US Attorney's. Seems the administration isn't too keen on going after corrupt lawmakers, well at least not corrupt Republican lawmakers--would rather spend DoJ's time prosecuting immigration cases and digging up dirt on Democrats.

A New Conflict Resolution Strategy?
Daniel of Seeking Utopia turns us on to the newest craze in sport violence--Professional pillow fights--and wonders if this could be turned into a new way to settle multi-national disputes. But here at Blognonymous we say: Why not bring back dueling and let the nasty bastards take it out on each other with some finality? I mean who wouldn't want to see Cheney and Chavez face each other on the field of honor? Though Cheney would probably would wind up shooting his second.

NFL Officials Say 'One Train Wreck Is Enough'
And finally the Fashiongirl covers the anguish of Britney Spears as she tries to get a place in the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. NFL officials apparently turned Ms. Spears down because they've already engaged Paris Hilton for the extravaganza.


I also blogged about the DOJ losing some of their best and brightest minds. Damn shame, considering BushCo even hired some of these folks.
"You're either with us - or you're looking for work." The vacuum chamber continues to become oxygen free. But even as everybody clicks their heels in unison and says "Yes, Master!!", reality says "Nope! Not even close!"

Britney vs Paris. Now there's a choice I'll lay awake nights worrying about! I haven't watched a SB halftime in about fifteen years. I see my streak will not be threatened again this year.
.....they've already engaged Paris Hilton for the extravaganza.

Who hasn't though, seriously.
But... the RATINGS they could get by just having Paris and Brit make out at the 50 yard line for the entire halftime.

Decisions like that, no wonder football is boring.

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