Ghost Of Executive Power Grabs Past

Or perhaps a more appropriate title would be, Like Father, Like Son

The NY Times reports on Bush's latest executive power grab, a not so subtle, administration-wide extension of a tactic he first tried in February of last year. Back then, Bush appointed a Zampolit ("political officer") to control the message at NASA, and now he's extended this to all the regulatory agencies with one interesting twist: Each new "policy office" will control all guidance provided to industry with the intent that it conform to the President's priorities. In other words, if Bush doesn't like a congressional mandate, he'll have a political appointee in place to see that it's not implemented.

Oddly, this second aspect of the Bush attempt to subvert the legislative process also has a precedent. Bush Senior convened an unconstitutional 'Council on Competitiveness' headed by then Vice President, Dan Quayle, the purpose of which was to evaluate the economic impact of and to decide whether or not to enforce new legislation

So it seems that when the Decision Maker runs out ideas of his own, he's quite willing to use Constitution-busters from administrations past.


I heard about this today on Randi's show. There's no shady backdoor deal this maniac won't attempt in order to get his way.

He's a spoiled rich kid with an inflated ego who wants to rule the playground. Time to tear his playhouse down. . .
Between his signing statements and this latest power grab, our "Deciderer" hardly has any need for Congress or the courts. When does the coronation begin?
John, Tom...what gets me is how transparent this one is--right out in the open. And it's not like we all didn't read about his appointing unqualified 'political officers' last spring.
41 was as Pro-Business as is 43. 43 just doesn't give a shit about anything or anybody, and knows he has Congress cowered, so he does what he pleases, how he pleases. As bad as his actions are, we need to be holding blow torches at the feet of Congress. They are the REAL criminals, for letting this go on!
I guess it's human nature to try to get away with whatever one can. So what is his excuse?
After some action on the Smirking Chimp it worries my, the defeatist attitude of so many Americans re George.

This madman together with a handful of rogues is holding to ransome 300,000,000 people. How can this be?

Once he gets stuck into Iran, we'll all go down the plughole!
I was so ticked off when I went to the Times article that I went against copyright law and put the whole article on my blog. Thanks for that link. I hadn't heard anything about this in the mainstream media. Has it been in the MSM?

As for the link provided by Anonymous, that scares the bejeebers out of me. We should all of course by now expect the administration would have things like that. They're just waiting for the right moment to spring such things on us. I hate to think about how Iran's leaders would react... My guess is that in the face of accusations, they might step up their weapons shipments into Iraq and ramp up the anti-U.S. sentiments in their country. Which is, of course, what Bush wants.

He's spoiling for a fight with just about anyone who doesn't agree with him, or rather, obey him.

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