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A recent post by Cartledge at Grub Street Journal got me to thinking about Bush and his Hollywood-like refusal to accept the situation in Iraq. "Why Hollywood?" Because where else do you find so many stubborn generals willing to throw men at lost causes, hoping to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

But there is one, the craven French general, Mireau from Stanley Kubrik's Paths of Glory, who seems to be a particularly close match. Mireau is so blinded by his desire for a promotion that he ignores the advice of his subordinates and orders his men to execute a suicidal attack on the Germans. And when the attack doesn't succeed, he accepts no responsibility, blaming the failure on his soldiers' cowardice. This parallels Bush's reaction to the debacle in Iraq so closely it's spooky.

So perhaps the Decider should have chosen a different career--a "Reverse Reagan" that would have had him playing an endless series of incompetent generals on the silver screen. Probably would have been a lot better for the nation.


Far better to confine Bush's delusions to the silver screen. BushCo shouldn't be in charge of an invasion of a gingerbread house with a baby Jesus figurine. Someone would inevitably get shot in the face.
Oh, if only he had chosen that path. If only he could play the part without all the deaths involved. Actually I think that's how he sees himself. He has the lead roll in his mental fantasy. His ego leads him right over the bloody dead bodies without even a whimper.

When he has to tell us he grieves over every death, you know that he doesn't. If he did he would stop this madness.
Betty, PoP... I'm all over giving Bush lucrative roles in movies it would get him out of the White House. The fact that he seems to be starring in his own fantasy all the time is why I refer to him as 'The Great Confabulator'.
I really picture him more as that crazy guy riding the bomb at the end of Dr. Strangelove. Yee haw!
Upping the photoshop ante...eh? I'll be sure to match, and raise, when I get home tonite.
Fashiongirl, I'm sure that I already saw a paste-up of Bush on that sequence. Was it from Jib-Jab?

Fred, saw that one over at MCCS1977. Good stuff. :-)
oooh, Paths of Glory! OK movie (wasn't it Kubrick's first?), GREAT book (though extremely sad). It has other parallels to today, too. Like a whole military command that refuses to challenge a wrong-headed decision, the futility of war, the nobleness of some soldiers & much more. Oh, and Bush could never have had an acting career. Can't memorize lines for shit. At least Reagan managed that. ~~ D.K.
He's not a very good actor, though. For example, he always looks like he's lying about everything.
D.K., I think it was, and actually I quite like it...you know once you get past a totally different style of acting. Regarding Bush: You're probably right Actor -> Politician...good. Politician -> Actor...bad.

Julien...the man just doesn't radiate sincerity does he. Wonder if Clinton would make a good actor? Betcha he would.
If I were casting a part, I don't think I could ever get past Bush's lying little weasely eyes. What other parts could he play besides a villain?
But maybe Bush could pursue a career as a motivational speaker since he seems to "rally" the scary masses. I was watching Comedy Central, and this comedian (Bill Burr) said that he likes Bush b/c it makes a dumb-ass like himself feel like even he could be president some day. He said: "Let's face it, for a good part of the American population, Bush gives them a newfound pride in their own piss-poor reading, speaking, and math skills. Bush has made rednecks and hillbillies finally feel useful and proud."
An endless series of incompetent generals - what a hoot. He would be perfect in that role. Maybe after we impeach him, try him for war crimes and strip him of every cent he has, he can make a go of it out there in the Hollywood.
For a "reverse Reagan" they would have to do a role reversal in "Bedtime for Bonzo". Bonzo would be president, and Dumbya would be the chimpanzee. Works for me, anyway!
...pursue a career as a motivational speaker since he seems to "rally" the scary masses.

:-) :-) LOL! I can just see it: "My fellow Americans, if I can become President then..."

Peacechick, but would Hollywood want him? Depends on how much he charges, I suppose.

Snave... "role reversal"! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I think you've hit on the perfect role.
There's a movie called The Last Picture Show...One of the characters is a dead ringer for Bush in looks, speech, and mannerisms.

Rumor is Bush watched this movie over and over in order to build that "down-home" image he's so proud of so he can pass him self off as a "plain spoken folk" instead of the obnoxious frat boy who went to Harvard Business School growing up with a silver spoon shoved up his butt.

I get really tired of "folks" thinking Bush is "Folksy". He's a rich mother fucking corporatist oil pig baron, not a "folk"

Sorry for the OT, your post comparing Bush to the French General is spot on.

No time like the future Bush! I'm sure someone would cast him in a movie. Maybe he can be in one of those low-budget made for TV evangelical movies about Armageddon. I'm sure they could cast him as a derranged General (although to them he wouldn't be derranged...just doin' the lawd's work...)

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