Going To War With The Intel You Have...

...doesn't mean you can't gin it up for the MSM and the electorate, right?

And in steps retired Vice Admiral John McConnell to take the place of outgoing National Intelligence Director John Negroponte. By all accounts the admiral is 'Cheney's man', unfazed--as Negroponte was--by the need to 'harden' the intel on Iran, clear about making the case for military action, and receptive to the need to augment domestic surveillance. Indeed, McConnell seems just the sort to help history repeat itself.

So I don't suppose that the Democrats (Did I hear a rumor that they're now in control of the Senate?) might want to put the kabosh on this nominee? Seems to me that one military officer willing to drive a stake through the heart of the Constitution--General Michael Hayden, now at CIA, formerly of NSA illegal surveillance fame--at the top of our national intelligence hierarchy is enough.


I'm not sure there are too many Democrats in Congress that understand what's going on, much less stop something that is wrong.

And yes, "Democrats in Control" was most assuredly A Rumor!!
Luckily for someone the Democrats don't oppose an attack against Iran, which is where this all is headed.
lo and behold

New Video Appears to Show Body of Saddam After Hanging

"Lo! I'm the anonymous Faux News Troll, posting once again from the depths of News Corp. Please click my completely irrelevant and off-topic link because, god knows, nobody clicks through to our stuff any other way."

Since "National Intelligence" has never been proven to exist, (sort of like Republican ethics), are we sure that either Negroponte or McConnell are real people?
TFWY, I'm not so sure on this one. I think that there is a good chance that McConnell will get squashed in committee. We'll see...

Lew, see above.

Cranky...now there's a thought. Though with Negroponte it's not much of a stretch. The man has the personality of a doorknob.
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Like I previously posted Democrats don't control the Senate they were warned about Liarberman.

They would not listen than what expects you to think they will listen now.
anon-paranoid beat me to it RE LIEberman.

He'll be on the pro-war side of any vote for any war.

Cheney casts the tie breaker.

But this should be given more attention. Perhaps dems could peel off a few of those centrist Republicans to go their way.
I don't think there's a big chance that Cheney is going to be called on to break a tie regarding the war in Iraq. Bush's support with Republicans in Congress is way too shaky, and anything that came to a vote would have the Pubs thinking about 2008 and the election that could cost them their cushy jobs. Anything that is done to escalate this war, even temporarily, is not going to set well with voters, and we've already shown them that we have the ability to unseat quite a few of them.

By the way, has the administration come up with a pithy new slogan yet, like they did with "Shock and Awe?" My suggestion would be "Surge and Repent."
What would we expect from this President? A well balanced approach to anything.
AnonP, Polishifter... The Lieberbomb could go off at any time, but now that we have rumors of a nominee for the UN ambassadorship, I don't think it's as likely that control will go over permanently. Individual votes are not the problem, but the Lieberbomb is already a pariah, and he knows it.
Cranky, I agree the Dems need to keep their base in mind. But about: "Surge and Repent"...LOL!

Me4Prez, what surprises me is that everyone already expects McConnell to cook the intel on behalf of the administration. Seems to me that Bush would go for a 'stealth' cooker. Someone who we expect to be impartial, but will deliver the predetermined result.

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