Divest Thyself - New Year's Resolution Edition

Some of you may have guessed that, after visiting my 'rents place, I'm renewing my commitment to cleaning the clutter in my life. So I thought that it might be time to repost a list that I did last year and then throw the topic open for discussion.

So the question is: For the New Year, what one thing could you get rid of that would really improve your life?

Here was my list from last year:
  • TV - It's an evil little box. If you have to have one, you choose. Don't let the media foist anything on you.
  • Cars - OK...you all know that I'm a crank on this topic, but it's still an evil little box on wheels. Getting rid of it is true freedom.
  • Addictions - Enjoy everything, but don't ever let any substance control you. (Does this apply to coffee?)
  • Money - You can't take it with you, so I'm working on giving it, spending it, or saving it for when I need it. The trick is never to hoard it.
  • Hubris - Face it, we--none of us--know anything more than anybody else.
  • Inhibitions - I want to do everything. I want to get to the end and be able to say "I'm full. I tried it all."


Getting rid of George Bush would improve millions of lives.

Actually, I like your list from last year - although, not being a frog who can leap many times his height, I need my car.
You have a good list, but obviously don't need to lose 15-lbs, which is at the top of my list (though you did mention addictions, so maybe it IS on your list). However, it's not the poundage that I must give up, it's the things I eat that cause it. That's the hard part. Like Bush, I seem to have a voice in my head & the voice says .... feed. me. chocolate! ~~ D.K.
ps, how'd you do in accomplishing last year's list? any words of wisdom? ~~ D.K.
I resolve to give up apathy. As soon as I get around to it.
TV? Oh - you mean that useless monitor with no keyboard?

Cars? I'd like to get rid of mine, but unfortunately we don't have adequate mass-transit here in the boondock burbs.

Addictions? You can have my chocolate when you pry it from my cold dead hands...

Hoarding money is not a problem. HAVING any usually is.

Hubris I could work on.

I like my inhibitions. They are my friends. They keep me from doing things that would be bad for me, and/or make everyone around me hurl their lunch... like bungee jumping or dancing nekid on barstools.
Sometimes that which I embrace is just as important to think about as that which I toss out. What do you embrace? All the rest is stuff.
If we got rid of about half the stuff in our garage it would surely improve any part of my life spent in the garage.
Abi...true, but Bush isn't something that I can rid myself of.

D.K. I didn't do too bad. Here's the rundown:

TV - I have one but nuked the cable. I only watch shows and movies from Netflix now.

Car - Sold in Oct 2005 and 8 of 10 years in the Bay Area without one.

Addictions - I'm pretty careful about this--don't smoke, don't drink to excess. Gave up coffee for three weeks, but then when it didn't help the health issue I was dealing with, started again.

Money - I'm a pretty careful saver, but need to be more generous with my charitable contributions.

Hubris - Like I'll ever get rid of that!

Inhibitions - There's a lot I'd still like to do, but health issues are starting to get in the way.
Betty... :-)

Sewmouse, so don't get rid of the inhibitions that are likely to get you arrested or dead, but the others...toss 'em. BTW, bungee jumping is a blast!

Peacechick, that's a good point. I'm a big believer of getting rid of stuff.

PoP, that's a start. Living light is a great boon IMHO. Still trying to figure out for myself how to whittle the junk down.
Giving up the ogre in me. My spouse gave me a "grumpy" mug for the holidays....that's sayin' something.
The trick is never to hoard (money).

MAN! Do I ever wish I had that problem to work on!

Yes. Coffee counts, btw. :-P But - seriously - onlyl really if it's the caffein that you need to function normally. So no switchin' to Tea, Coke, Pepsi, etc... Decaf, though, is elementally acceptable.

Good stuff, frogmigo. There be plenty here-in for me to keep in mind as well. Thanks.
If I hoarded money, it would only be a temporary thing, and then I would spend it all on MORE STUFF to hoard.

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