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From Libby @ The Impolitic we hear about the troubles that Spocko's Brain, a great blog that I really should read more often, is having with KSFO, Disney, and 1&1 Internet.

For those of you that haven't been keeping up, here's the skinny. KSFO, a San Francosco talk-radio affiliate of ABC, has some of the most offensive on-air personalities in the Bay Area--a little like Limbaugh only half as articulate and twice as offensive. Well Spocko got pissed and tried to do something about it. He ripped MP3's of a few particularly noxious KSFO programs, posted them to Spocko's Brain, and then called up some KSFO advertisers--companies that include Netflix, Mastercard, and Bank of America--to inquire if the station's programming reflected their corporate values. And guess what? A bunch of those same advertisers abandoned KSFO.

But the story doesn't end there. In steps Disney/ABC, only after the advertisers have already left, to take out their frustrations on Spocko. They file a cease and desist order, insisting that the recording be removed as a violation of their copyright, and when Spocko refuses, muscle his Internet service provider, 1&1, to pull the plug on Spocko's Brain which 1&1 does.

Now Libby and Spocko have done an excellent job skewering Disney/ABC, so let me take a swipe at 1&1. Many of you may not know this, but Blognonymous is hosted at 1&1, and I've been preparing to leave them for a couple of months now. Why? Because where most ISPs maintain a service level of 99.9%, 1&1 can't even achieve 98%, and when they do go down--often during Internet 'prime-time'--they immediately do maintenance. Those stints in October when Blognonymous was off-line, sometimes for hours? 1&1 trying to recover from a disk crash. Apparently anticipatory hardware monitoring isn't something 1&1 engages in. (And they're arrogant mother-f*ckers too.)

So here's a thought for anyone who wants to show some support for Spocko: Post on this topic. Tell Disney/ABC/KSFO to go f*ck themselves. But in addition, if you host with 1&1, leave.


Spocko did exactly what should have been done. He hit them were it would get their immediate attention. In the wallet. Kudo's to him!! Out here in the Southeast, we have no choice of internet providers, unless we wish to go back to dial up. Well, let me correct that. We do have "choices." We can go with several choices of "providers"...and the signal from all comes through one cable controlled by one company. That's the new world order's idea of competition, I guess.
oh no....you took me off you blogroll, you are mad that I borrowed...okay stole the Beach post ??? oh no...the enigma goes off crying into her sleeve....

disheartened and disheveled...

( but yes she still leaves the Beach post up....cuz she thinks it is the BEST thing she has seen in weeks..)

sorry Kvatch...I should have asked...
Enigma, not to worry. Watergate Summer is still on the blogroll. Check out 'Keep Your Friends Close', but you've got to let it roll.
Good for you for dumping the ISP. I hope they lose a lot of clients so they get the message that the First Amendment and fair use is important to people.

Thanks for the links.
Kvatch, you should cross-post this at the Barbarian Blog--it's Bay Area-related, after all. Feel free to cross-post at IIRTZ, too, if you want to.
Libby, well...still working on it. Right now Schlund AG (1&1's registrar partner) is sort of holding 'Blognonymous.com' hostage (i.e., they're draggng their feet), but I'm working on it.

Tom...will do!
I was here for quite awhile tonight, but forgot to thank you for bringing this to my attention! I posted about it this evening as well. . .

¡Spocko's Saga has now made eet to the San Francisco local TV News, channel CBS-5!

Meanwhile, KSFO ees losing even more advertisers.

¡Viva Spocko!

El Gato, thanks for stopping by and providing the links. Good to see KSFO get their due.

John...my pleasure, but really the credit goes to Libby. She got the ball rolling.

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