Corrosive Rhetoric As Trial Balloon

Not content to limit political 'trial balloons' to policy positions and catchy phrases--who could forget when 'stay the course' first hit the airwaves--administration officials have taken the McCarthyish step of feeding veiled threats to the media, only to retract them a day later.

Last Friday, deputy assistant Sec. of Defense for Detainee Affairs, Charles "Cully" Stimson, said in a radio interview that companies might want to consider taking their business to firms that do not represent suspected terrorists. Then, on Saturday, the Pentagon hustled to retract the remarks saying that Stimson's comments "do not represent the views of the Department of Defense or the thinking of its leadership..."

But of course the damage has been done, the message delivered. Don't do business with firms that go against Bu$hCo policies. We've got our eyes on you.


I'm pretty sure the firm I work for is on the blacklist (they represented some Uighur inmates a couple years ago).

It's a great strategy, for sure. Do whatever you can to plant the seeds of doubt, then sit back and watch the fun as things go your way. Scheise... Someone needs to hold the administration's feet to the fire in a huge way.
Tom... "Cool"? Maybe. Spooky would have been the term I'd choose. ;-) Uh, but what are the "Uighur inmates"?

Snave...no truer words. These are the kind of slimy tactics that have fueled Thuglican politics for over a decade now. Old habits die hard, I guess. Hopefully this sort of nonsense will be seen for what it is, and people will demand better of their leaders.
thanks for dropping by
i have no fear about being "watched" by bushco's minions
those chickenhawks don't scare me
Aren't we supposed to be fighting the terrorists, not behaving like them?
It is an interesting strategy. I keep waiting for Maliki to make some kind of statement like that regarding the Iranian hostages, er, prisoners. The foreign minister has called for their release, and that is standing.

Funny thing, I was just reading about the Uighur inmates today. Wee-gurs dude! They are basically Chinese political prisoners being held by the U.S. at Guantanamo. You might remember when a couple of them were "released" in Albania a while back.
Annie...it was my pleasure. As for being watched. I hope their watching Blognonymous and not really watching me. ;-)

Lew, that would be start, wouldn't it?

Praguetwin, after posting that comment, I looked them up as well but didn't see that WaPo article. Thanks for the link. Very repugnant--if true--the idea that we're holding prisoners based on bilateral deals we've made with our so-called allies.
"Cool"? Maybe. Spooky would have been the term I'd choose. ;-) Uh, but what are the "Uighur inmates"?

Well, not cool that we're on the blacklist--cool that we did pro bono work for Guantanamo inmates.

The Uighurs were Muslims from the PRC who were in a legal limbo (and thus kept in captvity) after they were determined not to be a threat. Details here.
Perhaps when Der Fuehrer is arrested along with the rest of his Gestapo minions in the White House we can say the same thing about any Law Firm representing them. You know like maybe american citizens shouldn't be doing business with companies that represent Traitors of our country.

God Bless.
Tom, thanks for the update and the link. I looked it up myself in response to Praguetwin's comment. Very interesting case that...

AnonP, now wouldn't that be something? And I'm on board with you about not doing business with Bu$hCo affiliates...course...that's not so hard.
Kvatch, Stimson cited the Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Monica Crowley, a conservative syndicated talk show host, asking for the names of all the lawyers and law firms representing Guantánamo detainees in federal court cases. I blogged about this the other day, and I agree, we should blacklist Bu$hco affiliates.

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