But Don't You Dare Call Me A Lobbyist...

...and the idea that I'd have to tell the lucky 500th visitor to Blognonymous to buzz off, just so I could avoid jail or fines, really stuck in my craw.

What are we talking about here? Why Senate (bill) S.1, To provide greater transparency in the legislative process, of course, and it's very egregious Section 220 which would have criminalized 'paid' efforts to influence the general public without registration and disclosure. What constitutes 'paid'? The Senate didn't say, but many readers of the bill agreed that ad placement would count. And how were you supposed to avoid this whole mess? By either 1) registering as a lobbyist or 2) having an audience of less than 500 people. Though the Senate didn't mention how they planned to count up my readers.

But now Section 220 is history, stripped out of the bill last night, and (Will I get this out without my head exploding) ...I have the Republicans to thank. ARGGGHHH!


(OT) Frog,

I can't beleive you got the answer to the question on Snave's Blog correct...

Umm...Nice Froggy...Any time you need flies let me know.

Have I ever told you how much I like frogs? I mean, not in that way but they are cute...well by cute I don't mean "cute", ya know? I mean they are aesthetically pleasing to the eye....yeah, uh...nice froggy....
Wow, that would have really spun the concept of free speech on its head, wouldn't it?

Fortunately, my blog is safely below the 500-person threshhold, so I was in no danger of having to register as a lobbyist.
Shall we declare today, "National hug and forgive a republican day?"
Though the Senate didn't mention how they planned to count up my readers.
I imagine it would have something to do with giving the NSA access to your site meter.
That said, the Republicans left in Congress must have got the message that the people are angry, as Walter Jones (R)NC has a bill that prohibits Bush from attacking Iran with out reason, and the Speaker seems to be ignoring this resolution.
Well, thankgod they took care of that pesky little problem (eyes bleeding here).
Maybe being out of commission for a few days wasn't so bad after all. Reading this, I just felt my blood pressure rise, and I DON'T HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!!
I have MISSED reading you for the past few days. NO LIE.
see? the republicans are really your friends after all! and all this time you thought they existed, just to make you fail! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!

i'll never call you a lobbyist.
Has anybody seen the bag of money I put into my freezer? I seem to have misplaced it.
I'm in the same boat as old broad. I've been visiting death's door but they wouldn't let me in so I'm back. Sometimes being unaware of what's going on is good for the brain. You get back into the spin of things and boom, there goes your anger meter.
Polishifter...answer one lousy question and just look at what happens! ;-)

Abi... Yeah, I don't have a clue how they could have determined that. With most people having dynamic IPs, everyone looks like they have a bazillion readers.

WS... OK! :-) But...uh...I don't know any Republicans.

Lew... NSAs already got access to my site meter. So I guess I'd have to spoof 'em and point to a page that just displays "499" all the time.
Old Broad, well Blognonymous the domain is "in transit" and as soon as it hits my new registrar registrar...BOOM!...I'll be down for a few hours while I fix things. Don't know when that will happen, but probably Monday or Tuesday.

Supergirlest...not just my friends but my benefactors. UGGGHHH!

Rb-E, I found your bag of money and put in my safety deposit box. Wouldn't want thinking that Reality-based Educator was a lobbying site or anything like that.

PoP, I've been dealing with a low grade cold while I've been telling 1&1 Internet to f*ck off. So I feel your pain...a little.
Isn't this an extention of the old McCain Feingold bill? I'm sure that it is the NRA who is most opposed to this bill, as they would be most affected.
The writing is on the wall. Big Brother is working to cut off free speech. It's just a matter of time.

Bloggers are an endangered specie!
You have Republican bloggers to thank. McCain wanted that provision (he's such a worthless dickhead anyway). He flip-flopped when he realized it would lose him right-wing blogger support in '08.
Praguetwin... I don't think so, but as DBK pointed out below, McCain was definitely in favor of it.

Daniel, they've got to cut of the Internet first. In league with the telcos they're going to have to push through 'neutrality unfriendly' legislation that will cut off the audience of the 'little guys'--more effective than lobbyist legislation anyway.
You have Republican bloggers to thank.

DBK...no, No, NO!!! That's so much worse than having to thank Republicans generally!

OK here goes: Thank you Michelle Mal--[BOOM!] (as Kvatch's head explodes)

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