Big Oil - Tobacco of the Double Aughts

Anybody remember the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR), that quasi-scientific, Philip Morris funded group dedicated to discrediting scientific data on the health risks of tobacco use? Would it surprise you to learn that where global climate change is concerned old tricks are still the best tricks?

Taking a page out of the tobacco industry's playbook, ExxonMobil has been funneling millions to think-tanks and foundations that publicly dispute the links between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. In fact, the Union of Concerned Scientists goes one step further and identifies Big Oil's tactics as being derived from the tobacco industry's 40 year struggle.

There is, however, one major difference between twisting the facts of tobacco use versus those of global climate change. Setting aside the issue of second-hand smoke, one can choose to use tobacco...or not. But once the 'tipping point' on global climate change is reached, no amount of energy-saving privation and few new technologies will help us. The battle at that point will be reduced to limiting the consequences of global catastrophe.


I heard on the radio that global warming is a liberal conspiracy by America-hating, Jew bashers and that climate change is natural. Of course, they also said that we are lucky that President George W Bush is in office in such an important time in history.
When an institution becomes dominant, its goals become more important than the goals of the people it presumably serves. This was true of the medieval church. It is true of today's corporation. Global warming is yet another symptom of that.
I heard on the radio that global warming is a liberal conspiracy by America-hating, Jew bashers and that climate change is natural.

Mind boggling isn't it Me4Prez? Last years was one of the warmest on record. This year will be the warmest on record, and yet the link is still disputed.

Ron...welcome to Blognonymous, and very well said. Big Oil works hand in hand with the current administration, and this compounds the problem.
It doesn't surprise me. Here's one of their
propaganda films. What will these think tanks say when parts of the Netherlands are under water and South Pacific nations vanish from the planet?
yesterday, January 3, 2006--in Kansas City, MO -- I went outside--barefooted.
KC is a place where people used to die as a result of the cold. every summer, now, people die of the heat.
meanwhile, if they'd bother to get ahead of the curve, these same industries COULD turn a tidy profit by engineering carbon scrubbers and solutions to the problems they so stridently deny.
shortsightedness: global warming's friend.
Comandante, thanks for the link. That film is so silly, it almost makes me wonder if it's a sendup, but I checked out the C.E.I., and wonder of wonders they do appear to be a bunch-o industry obstructionists.

Two Crows, my hometown in West Texas was experiencing exactly the opposite over the holiday, rain during a time when very little precipitation is usually received. And that's on top of drenching rain in the late summer, 3 times their annual rainfall.

And...BTW...welcome to Blognonymous. Thanks for stopping by.
It's funny how BushCo finally had to admit something is going on with the Polar Bears going extinct and huge chunks of the Artic breaking off...

They're just stalling for as long as possible By the time the Artic is half thawed they'll be telling us Global Warming is a real, albeit natural phenomenon that could not have been avoided.

Meanwhile some 50 years would have passed with people concerned about our effect on the environment and that if perhaps we had done stuff like, I don't know, signed the fucking Kyoto Treaty, maybe it would have made a difference...
'who could have predicted the Iraqis wouldn't embrace us?'

'who could have predicted the levees would breach?'

'who could have predicted the ice caps could melt?'

'uh, Mr. Prezy-dent? your advisors did.'
Polishifter...I agree wholeheartedly with your second paragraph. In fact I think they've already reached the "...and here a miracle happens" stage of their thinking.

Two Crows, no truer words. I wonder if we compared the number of advisors sacked (resigned) vs. the Clinton administration if the numbers would be instructive?

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