2007/01/04 - A Very Fine Day

Historic  >>Pelosi Elected Speaker of the House
<<  Righteous


Very cool.
Like I said at my place, I'm no Pelosi fan, but as a woman, a feminist, a mother of a little girl, a Democrat, and as the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, I can't help but feel proud of Nancy Dallesandro Pelosi being the first female Speaker of the House.
And thank God (and Buddha, Allah, the Flying Spag Monster, et al) that Ellison stood his ground and insisted upon using a Koran (Thomas Jefferson's very own Koran at that) for his swearing in. If not a single word is said about Jews using the Old Testament for their swearing in ceremonies, then all the Religious Fright wingnuts had better STFU.
STFU indeed! Cheers to Ellison!

I'm not a big Pelosi fan either, but I believe she can do a pretty decent job. I can think of about a hundred other people I WOULDN'T want to see as House Speaker... !
Snave, Tina, I'm not really a Pelosi fan either...anymore. She pretty much lost my support when she announced that there would be no impeachment hearings, but I still recognize her achievement, both in becoming the first woman speaker and in plotting the Democrats return to power.

Julien, it was a tremendous day. Let's hope the next week proves to be as full.
The good news is, the oversight starts NOW. And interest rates on students loans will be lowered! My high school seniors, all staring at shitloads of tuition money to be paid next year, are looking forward to seeing how Dems unravel the gifts Repubs gave to Sallie Mae and the other banking interests last year. I hope Dems don't disappoint.
The winds they are a-changing. And good thing too. . .America was beginning to smell rather rank.
Those copies of the Koran are in pretty good shape. TJ must have been anal like I am about the care of books
A great day all around...oh, and your up!
I surly hope this is a start toward taking our country and Constitution back from the Fascist currently running our Country.

God Bless.
I loved the Koran bit...I bet it pissed old Goode off good.
I was pissed off at Pelosi about her lack of enthusiasm for impeachment too. But as of yesterday, she and Senator Reid are tops in my book for sending their letter to Bush.

As for Ellison swearing in on the Koran, it amuses me in so far as it rankles bigots like Goode and has the evangelicals in a tizzy. But I think it's inappropriate to involve religious trappings of any type in a ceremony marking the assumption of office in a so-called secular government. The less godbaggery in government, the better, I say.
I'm actually really proud to have Pelosi as my representative...and I'm thrilled to have her as the Speaker.
Rb-E, it is good news, and I have high hopes for the new committee chairs, especially Judiciary.

John, you mean like Specter's constantly talking about oversight and then never doing anything?

Me4Prez... It's also the quality of the book-binding back then. I have a reprint of the first English translation of the Koran from 1890, and it's in excellent shape.

Fred...ugh! This is now a contest? :-)
AnonP, revoking the Military Commissions Act would be a start, but Bush will veto, and I don't think the Dems can build a veto-proff majority yet. After the surge though...

Sumo, me too, and Betty...if swearing one's holy book has meaning for a particular person, they should absolutely do it. Though, it should always be the right book. In this case it certainly was.

Tom, you are a more forgiving and hopeful sort than I, but that's good. We need people with a positive attitude to balance out the cranks like me! ;=)
Historically righteous?

You mean like the inquisition?
I heard from a friend's roommates step-brother's 2nd cousin removed that Virgil Goode was going to swear on the KKK Bible the Kloran. However, apparently he decided against it in the end because is sounded too much like the Koran.
I echo what Tina said.

May I live long enough to see a woman become president.
"...if swearing one's holy book has meaning for a particular person, they should absolutely do it."

I agree if it's a personal occasion, but not for a ceremony marking ascension to office in the US government. In that setting, the use of a Koran is as offensive to me as the use of a bible. Guess I'm one of those militant atheists who have been so much in the news of late. :^)
You mean like the inquisition?

Yow TPM! And people call me a cynic. ;-)

James, Goode could swear on Mein Kampf for all I care. The man is unfit to serve.

Betty...couldn't disagree more (course I'm an agnostic to I guess that makes me contrary). If I'm going to have someone swear or affirm to uphold the Constitution, then I want to put the maximum psychological pressure on them to follow through. If that means using their holy book? So be it, but...it's got to be the right book.

Msliberty, me too. For years, I hoped that it would be Ann Richards, but now it's not to be.
As with Betty, I think all should use the same version of the Constitution to either affirm or swear their oath.

Using religious texts just proves they'll believe anything they feel like or have always believed, without reliance on reason nor contrary evidence.
There's still Madeleine Albright, Kvatch.

Everyone's got their pros and cons, don't ya know.

it was a great day though...all the same...

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