Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

The Frogette and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

(Now go give Libby of The Impolitic a ribbing. This was her idea.)


Merry Christmas Kvatch and the Mrs. K. I hope you have a wonderful time...see you when you get back.
The Best of Holiday Wishes for you and yours...

And there I thought Bush was pointless... :>P

Merry Holidays and all that jazz!

merry merry, kvatch!

Ah, Froggy, I love the hat Shrub is wearing. He looks like he's been dipping in the egg nog a bit too much.
You and the AP. Frogs of a feather...

Happy Christmas, buddy.
I'd hate to see what he has on his penis!
Merry Christmas, Kvatch!
Hope you're enjoying your day, too.
BTW, with your permission, I would like to direct my readers to your post on the 52-year-old that was called back up and then killed in Iraq.
When you said heading to West Texas, I got the shivers. I lived in ODESSA for five years, during the oil boom.
Midland, where you raise your children.
Odessa, where you raise hell.
Ain't it the truth?
Merry, Merry Christmas!
"Happy XMas, Crank."

"Happy XMas, Kvatch."
Merry Christmas, Mr. Frog.
Happy Holidays to the Frog and Frogette! I HOPE!
Back atcha, man.

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