A Whole New Career For Mariah?

Tip o' the hat to the Fashiongirl who gives us the seedy details of Mariah Carey's attempt to stop the pornstar Mary Carey from trademarking her name.

Though I have to say...considering that Mariah is largely washed up as a singer, porn could open some breathtaking new horizons. I mean really, look at that picture will ya!


I see a lot of potential there. Wait, let me take another look...Yep, lots of potential. One more look....OK, I'll stop now.
While I am no Mariah Carey fan, I will salute her as a fellow curvy girl with big boobs who doesn't try to hide her ample booty, either. I used to hate my curves... but I grew to appreciate 'em... and meeting my husband who LOVES them didn't hurt, either. Curvy girls UNITE!... or as is the case in Mary Carey's line of work, curvy girls UN-TIE!
Mariah Who?:)
Isn't she the one who tried to bring back the "Indian Love Song" style of singing?

"And Eyeyeyeyeyeyyyyy will always lovvvvee youuuuuooooooooo oooooo"


Yuck. Hate chick singers.
Sewmouse, the Indian love song was Whitney Houston, crackhead. Put her and Mariah together with Celine Dion and you have the trifecta of chick pop.

Thanks for the mention Froggie!
I looked around for the slutiest picture of Mariah I could find. Turns out...it wasn't to difficult to find one.
As long as Mariah Carey pledges not to run for governor of California, I whole heartedly endorse her career change.
Mariah. Yawn. I wouldn't go see her in concert if somebody PAID me to go. And as far as porn, hey, now there's a choice in which she might actually succeed.
I never thought I'd defend Mariah, but with all her corny diva ways, the girl can SING. Now all this mess about her suing Mary Carey over copyright/trademark infringement is just silliness.

What cracks me up the most about Mariah is how she got progressively sluttier after her split with Tommy Mottola.

"I'm just being who I am," she's been quoted as saying.

Um, whatever. Just sing, girl.
Comandante...oh don't be such an elitist. Mariah (or Mary for that matter) couldn't be any worse than half the people we actually have elected to the Statehouse.

HillCountryGal, I can think of 100,000's of horny males who would probably agree.

Mags... So she's got some pipes? So what? What good are pipes if you waste them on schlock pop? Imagine what that woman could have done with gospel or even better...opera?! Gods teeth, what a waste!
Thank you so much for your kind comment and correction, fashiongirl. I appreciate your setting the record straight, and most especially your polite and charitable attitude.

As I have no interest at all in knowing anything about the nauseating genre of "Chick Pop" or any of its pathetic excuses for "talent", the error is entirely mine.
Sewmouse - Sorry. I meant Whitney's the crackhead.
I am not a Mariah Carey fan, but I may watch her in porn. Maybe her and Mary Carey can team up for something.
Mariah Carey defines "high maintenance." I agree with me4prez....I'd watch her porn.
She just LOOKS like a porn star.
Julien, as the Fashiongirl pointed out on her blog...it's the inflatable boobs.

James, Me4Prez, but don't you think she'd be a bit...I don't know...wooden? Or does it matter?
I think she would be hilarious in porn. Can you imagine the octaves her fake moans could cover?
I guess that I'm going too take some heat, but I think Mariah has a great voice and is one hot looking babe.

If I was 40 years younger I'd probably be called a stalker because I sure as hell would try too see her up close and personal like.

As it is I'm probably just a dirty ole man, but she is definitely one hot lady.

God Bless.
Yes, very hot to behold. To listen to? No thanks. I'm awfully tired of listening to divas and dive wannabes who have to stretch every note into about ten notes when one or two notes will do. If I have to listen to someone whose voice can cover about 4 or 5 octaves, I'll take Captain Beefheart any day.

"A squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag is fast and bulbous. Got me?"
Me4Prez...that's the funnies comment I've heard all day.

AnonP, Snave...I don't know. Guess she's not my type, but what a voice! If she would only use it for something worthwhile.
I thought Mariah Carey was a porn star? She sings as well?

Bet she sucks at that, too! :>)
Porn - I knowzit when I seezit.
TPM... [choke] [snort] :-) You are a bad, bad man!

WS, but apparently Mariah has a tough time telling the difference.
Kvatch, I agree. Some of her stuff is schlocky pop, but she has a few great ballads. Just trust me on this. It's just a shame that she feels she has to tart it up a bit (okay, a TON) in order to sell a few records.

And I totally agree with James - she is quintessentially high maintenance. Her and J. Lo.

But that's a whole other blog post, e.g. what's up with J. Lo's penchant for turbans lately?
Wooden...LMAO...probably. She'd be too worried about messing up her hair I think to be a good porn star.
Somebody needs to warn Drew she'll be sueing him for his name next.

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