When Only The Quran Will Do

OK, enough is enough! All of this hoopla over Rep. elect Ellison's use of a Quran in his swearing in ceremony is just so much bullsh*t posturing -
  • A Muslim who swears on anything other than a Quran, cannot be trusted!
  • A Jew who swears on anything other than the Torah, cannot be trusted!
  • A Christian who swears on anything other than the New Testament, cannot be trusted!
  • An atheist or agnostic who swears on anything at all, cannot be trusted! (This is what 'affirmation' is for.)
  • The tradition of swearing on a Bible comes perilously close to an establishment of religion.
  • A tradition that flies in the face of the Constitution and makes a mockery religious tolerance is not only meaningless, it's dangerous and needs to be changed!
Does that make things sufficiently clear? Can we stop talking about this nonsense now?

HT to TUA @ The Future Was Yesterday, as well as that conservative f*ckstick Dennis Prager, for getting me mad enough to post on this.


Works for me.

Also, it turns out most representatives don't even use a bible in their swearing-in ceremony. So Dennis Prager is not only full of shit, the assumptions on which he bases his full-of-shitness are themselves full of shit.
I agree with you. If Ellison was sworn in on a Christian Bible, I would lose a lot of respect for him. making someone use a Bible instead of a Quran because you are uncomfortable is exactly why we will not defeat the terrorists. We have Americans who would support the terrorists if they behaved the same way in Christ's name
So what you're saying Tom is: The basis of Prager's sh*t is full of sh*t? :-)

Me4Prez, in fact not only will it not defeat the terrorists, it's a stupid distraction that gives...dare I even say it...aid and comfort to the enemy! They'll now start to talk about how we can't even live up to our own principles...

...Prager is an enemy...to war!

I don't think I understand how you feel. Could you make it a little clearer please?

The right does seem to get their knickers in a knot over trivial stuff, don't they?
If they have to swear on something, wouldn't the U.S.Constitution be the ONLY document to swear on? You know, to hold, to defend, etc...
Either allow anyone to swear on any book of their choice, or wipe it clean away. You are KEE-rect, sir!
Deb...what? Tons of profanity ain't clear enough, eh? :-)

HillCountryGal, I like it. Definitely the way to go. If you're gonna defend the Constitution you ought to have to swear on it.

John...hmmm. What would I choose? What would you choose?
Can I swear on Gone With the Wind?

"As God is my witness, I'll NEVER. Be. Hungry. Again."

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

just sends shivvers down your soul, don't it?
How many spellings are there for the name of the Muslim holy book?

Yet there is ONLY ONE spelling of "Bible"? I can't believe the fundacreatiotheocrats have stood for this for so long. The one true religion should have the most spelling, shouldn't it? We should help 'em out. I'll start us off--

"Also, it turns out most representatives don't even use a bible in their swearing-in ceremony. So Dennis Prager is not only full of shit, the assumptions on which he bases his full-of-shitness are themselves full of shit."

Well said
Glad I could be of service.:)
I'm tired of these oaths. They don't mean anything. Liars lie no matter how many stacks of whatever piece of printed material they put their right or left hand on. So, what WOULD have any meaning to swear on? How about specific legal repercussions if they violate the duties of their elected office. Or are we not a nation of laws? ~~ D.K.
We should abandon the whole swearing on anything paradigm. The hordes of liars who entered Congress by swearing on something or another have disgraced the very practice.

Oh, and Prager is an opportunistic jackass, a Christian supremacist (who happens to be Jewish) who will use any wedge to foist his own brand of theology on the rest of us. I don't want my government subverted to accommodate his imaginary friend any more than I want it run on the precepts of Ellison's religion.
At least he's bringing his own in. can you imagine the noise these whiners would be making if the government had to supply the Quran?
Sewmouse, absolutely! The "Lie, or cheat, or steal" part is soooo appropriate for our reps!

Mr_Blog, well said. I am shamed for not using the proper...Holy Qu'ran.

Graeme, Tom's got a way of really zeroing in on the essense of someones bullsh*t.
TFWY, as I said over on your blog, that last line was somewhat unfortunate. Really you inspired the content of this little rant. It was Prager that pissed me off enough to post it. So...thanks again. ;-)

D.K., Betty, personally I like the suggestion above that if they're gonna have to defend the Constitution, they should have to swear on it. 'Course that means that practically the whole current house should have been struck by lightning for the Military Commissions Act.

Lew...indeed I can. :-) :-) :-)
Umm, can't we just swear on the Constitution? -- you know, the document that contains all the principles on which our form of republican government is based? Or is that asking too much?

Oops, I forgot. The Constitution does not contain the word "God" in it -- might as well shred the damned thing.
All this swearing is making me nervous. I'm afraid my Granny is going to appear and slap someone's head!
Comandante Agi, the Constitution has already been shredded, too late. And, personally, I'd rather swear on a bibble than anything else. I mean, bibble has such a nice sound to it.

As for Sewmouse's suggestion, I don't know nothin about birthin babies.
I think we should swear everyone in on a plank over a fiery pit and tell them that if they don't do the job they are sent there to do, next time there will be no plank
BIBLE UBER ALLES! (tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, left, right, left, right, sieg heil!)

Sorry about that. This just totally pisses me off too, kind of like CNN's insipid Glenn Beck questioning Ellison... AIEEEE!!!!

"An atheist or agnostic who swears on anything at all, cannot be trusted! (This is what 'affirmation' is for.)"

Well, I guess that makes me about the most untrustworthy (not to mention EVIL) person in the world! Scheise... What about swearing on my grandmother's grave? Wouldn't that at least suggest that I have some "family values"? ARRRRRGH

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