When Newt Becomes President...

Limitations on free speech are enacted for the good of the nation.
Bill O'Reilly is arrested and jailed as America's formost advocate of terrorism on U.S. soil.

Would Newt Gingrich have the courage of his convictions? I doubt it.

Thanks to Russ and the Station Agent @ Ice Station Tango for inspiring this post.


If Newt becomes prez, it will be 'cause somehow he affected a coup. NO WAY is that piece of garbage GETTING ELECTED! NO WAY!
I have a good idea for a campaign slogan: Newts for Newt. Think it's a winner? Could be a wonderful t-shirt, not much unlike the UCSC Banana Slugs.
HillCountryGal, Newt won't become President because he's such a freakin' wonk. Same problem Gore has. :-)

WS, awesome! How about:

"Leeches For Newt"

"Newt became President, and my healthcare turned into a box of leeches!"

"Slugs For Newt"

"Slime trails aren't so bad. Vote Newt!"
Will Ann Coulter go to prison too? I may vote for Newt just for that
Did typing that title make you feel slightly disgusted?
John...slightly queasy actually.

Me4Prez...Ann, Michelle, Pamela (Atlas Shrugs)--all of 'em.
I think Newt should stick to his day job....whatever that is. His candidacy is more a way to make other Republicans look moderate.
"When Newt Becomes President" -- when the population of Canada swells to 300 million...
Lew, does Newt have a day job? Other than leaving a slimy trail behind wherever he goes, that is?

Tom, just the logical extension of that thought. Well said.
Newt started the Evangelical takeover of Government in 94, with the consecrative overthrow of congress, and rode their coattails to Speaker of the House. Right now, I suspect he's 1)throwing red meat to that same base, and 2)saying all kinds of crap to stand out from the crowd.

That does not make him any less dangerous.
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Third time is a charm. Here's the link I told you about on your game post below.


Check it out.

God Bless.
Scary and extremely dangerous. How the hell did he ever get elected again to begin with?
He would need Hillary to be his opponent for a shot. because they worked on the health care issues together, it would be harder for her to distance herself as more moderate or centrist
I proudly support San Francisco values - so much so that I'll be visiting the fair city next month. Take that Falafel head!
Newt is one dangerous character.
Look Jimmy Carter came from here too and back the I said that he couldn't be the guy he seemed to be and it turned out he was.

Newt is one dangerous character.
Gracie...I don't even remember what district he represented. How's that for scary?

Me4Prez...that's a good point, I wonder if Hillary's unelectability would swing an election that far.
Comandante...you? Here? Outstanding.

You should let us know when, and The Barbarians will honor you and your visit with libations.

1138...fortunately Newt is unlikely to go much of anywhere. Our bigger problem would be if he got some policy advisory position.
Kvatch, Halloween is over. Take down the scary pictures! And the really, really scary title....
BGKaJb- LMAO! Niiice. {-;

From the O'Liely linkage:
The 210-foot Coit Tower was dedicated in 1933 and contains a museum and murals that depict working life in 1930s California.

Makes sense now, don't it? "working life" is just an allusion to "workers" which, is of course, code for "atheist commie pinko subversives". Since no one but godless homosexual peacenics live in The City, of course Killer Bill wants it blown to hell.

And, no. Sweet Pea GinGrinch would not go so far as to clamp down on such gibberish. Not unless, by doing so, he'd garner a better footnote in history than he's already slitheringly earned.
Just read the comments and heartily concur on:

1) HillCountryGal, Newt won't become President because he's such a freakin' wonk. Same problem Gore has. :-)

Dig it, and hopefully Al's recent road show is removing that stigma. I've really grown to like the silly wonker since he lost was robbed of his last election.

2) Our bigger problem would be if he got some policy advisory position.

The 2nd is quite likely indeed for a next Rethug preznit. Let's hope the Dems can keep their campaign shiete together long enough to capture that post in '08.

They could start by testing the waters now and Censure'/Impeaching the freakin' Chimperor already.
Julien, you know me. I'm not capable of posting "normal" stuff.

Michael..."BGKaJb"? Anyway, can you imagine a McCain administration with Gingrich as the main policy strategist--sort of like Rove only more intelligent, less machiavellian, and every bit as dangerous.
"can you imagine a McCain administration with Gingrich as the main policy strategist"

Being that I'm one of the folks that foresaw 9/11 type attacks yes I can, and it's not a pretty picture (or likely one).

McCain is slimey but Gingrich is repugnant, repugnant can't stand having slimey in charge.
Thanks for the shout out. I missed this one.

The new poll numbers look very good for my main man, Big Al:

Lemme try that again:

Hmmmm, SA... I hit the link and ended up at my own Blogger "dashboard"!

These lyrics are from the Austin Lounge Lizard song "Gingrich The Newt":

We'd like to set the record straight by singing of the newt
For newts are open-minded; they are flexible and cute
A newt can breathe in water and a newt can breathe on land
And if you are a different critter newts will understand

Newts are not mean-spirited; they never are unfair
Newts are not underhanded and are not afraid to share
Newts do not have bad haircuts because newts are lacking hair
But the newt called Gingrich drives all true newts to despair

Gingrich the Newt's a disgrace to the name
When true newts see him they feel so ashamed
He's the one black sheep of the newt family
The one rotten fruit on the newt family tree

Newts don't prey on other newts; in that they don't believe
And you will never catch a newt with something up her sleeve
They're tolerant of different environments and so
They don't send little newties to the orphanage to grow

What kind of newt wears a suit and a tie
And frightens small children as he rushes by?
But we admit that his suit suits him good
Much more discreet than a sheet and a hood

A newt may be cold blooded but she won't go to extremes
And you can trust a newt to be exactly what she seems
Newts are sorry if you're sad; they're happy if you're gay
But Gingrich is perverse, and worse: he's proud to be that way

Gingrich the Newt is puffed up like a toad
So full of himself that he's bound to explode
And then we'll raise up our tails in salute
A fitting tribute to that horse's patoot, Gingrich the Newt

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