"We've been tagged! May we burn the tagger?"

In this installment of 'The Book Meme', the Station Agent learns the value of not tagging someone at 10:45 AM PST, leaving the tag'ee to choose the closest book in his home office...

The Rules -
    * Find the nearest book
    * Name the book
    * The author
    * Turn to page 123
    * Go to the fifth sentence on the page
    * Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
    * Tag three more folks.
The Book -
    Java Cryptography by Jonathan Knudsen
The Excerpt -
    Other Padding Schemes

    ...This implies that somewhere in the padding, there is some data that describes the length of the padding. In PKCS#5, for example, the padding length is distributed throughout the padding data.


    The 'mode' of a cipher determines how blocks of plaintext are encrypted into blocks of ciphertext and vice versa.
So how do you like them apples, Station Agent?

For my tag...Tom Hilton, the Anon-Paranoid, and KnightErrant get the nod.


That is awesome. If I was at home, the nearest book would have been "Web Design garage."
Why the heck are you reading that? Seriously, I would like to know...I can only guess...What the heck do you need to encrypt? Ofcourse, if it needs encryption, you probably can't tell me..
Me4Prez, the only person who would think that is awesome is a bigger geek than me! :-)

Polishifter, actually the meme was "the nearest book" not what are you reading now, and actually I had too look up a couple of esoteric things in that book for a contract that I was working on about a month ago. Go figure.

As for what I might need to encrypt, you really don't want to know.
You are glad you didn't tag me. Edgar Allen Poe in Czech!
Mine was the State Of Denial...interesting.
Nerdy.....but stangely cool.
This one is getting around. Ahh, we're all connected ;)
Jeez, geek-o-rama, mr frog!

Yeah, I've been tagged twice on this and I'll do it after the holidays.
PoP, Undeniable Liberal...what can I say. It's what I do, professionally that is.

Praguetwin, can Blogger handle Czech? That would actually be sort of cool.

Sumo, is that a book? Or a Bu$hCo state of being?

Fred, yup. Everybody in this little 'blog-circle'.
Nice Pick. I would have commented sooner, but my coma only just subsided.

In fact, I would go so far as to say...

n fact, I would go so far as to say...


It's 'Hunting Season'!
Done. And it's a good thing Pynchon was nearer to me than West's Analysis of American Law. ;-)
Who starts these things, anyway?
Tom...cool, and sorry for the tag.

And Diva, to answer your question...I have no idea who started, but I actually think that it's rather lame. It says a lot about some people, little or nothing about others. A good meme should be fun for all, participants and readers.

Not sure if I did it right but its done.

Now I see that one of my tags has already been hit and I'm sure I'll here about it.

God Bless all.
Evidentně, není vůbec problem napsat v čestině.

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