Weapons of Mass Destruction Department?

And they surf Blognonymous. That's sort of spooky.


You've gotta figure Mr. Rumsfeld has had us all on a "watch list" for ages, Froggie.

We being so vocally subversive and all - wanting outrageous things like Habeus Corpus and Freedom of Speech.
Spooky indeed my friend.
I hope they should only get carpal tunnel.
I think that the whole notion of a "wmd" Department is so absurd, that I have to wonder what governmental organization allowed their domain to be called "wmd.gov"? And did you all notice that the notation is for the Public Affairs Council? Isn't that organization non-governmental?

Maybe the whole thing is a cover for a "black op".
no worries subversive froggie...they want us to fear..so let's not play their game

nice geeky thing to do though - can ya share how ya did it?
Doesn't everyone surf Blognony?

blog on Kvatch, Blog on all.
AZG, I'll send you an email, but in short if you take a gander at my sidebar you'll see an icon for Site Meter at the bottom. That links to my account which counts up the stats and gives me those neat summaries. Though, there are literally 100's of different stat counters out there.

Doesn't everyone surf Blognony?

Windspike...sadly not. If it were true then I could make money on advertising, :-)
Your situation begs a quote from Back to the Future:

"Oh, my God, they found me, I don't know how, but they found me. Run for it Marty!" -- Doc Brown
ahh,,,little frog friend we all are on that list...cause we know it isn't cause they enjoy reading...hmm, I wonder if Bush's new 500,000 million library will have a Blog room?now that would be spooky....
I got rid of mine for that very reason...I didn't want to know or have suspicions.
Comandante...seems to me that if they had few of Doc Brown's time machines, there'd be no need for WMDs.

E4E, perhaps rather than a Blog room it'll be a rendition room devoted to all the evil doers the Bush adminstration took care of.

Sumo...you mean your counter? Oh, I just couldn't. It's so voyeuristic!
oh hey, I've had 'unknown country' or US gov's as well. I've had someone from the Pentagon and some other one from Washington which escapes me (it's late) right now. The Pentagon one kinda freaked me out but at least they did not end up being a returning customer! lol
wmd..couldn't that just be a simple 'waste management department'? haha!
Ingrid..."Waste Management Department"? That's good. I didn't even think of it. I was sort of hoping that this post would generate some suggestions on what WMD might stand for. Think your's was the first.

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