We All Yearn For The 1950's

Sorry folks, but the blog muse seems to have abandoned me this morning.

So while I await inspiration, here's a quote from the New Republic's Brink Lindsey (reprinted by Sebastian Mallaby at WaPo) that, at least for me, really exemplifies the difference between Democrats and Republicans:
    Republicans want to go home to the United States of the 1950s while Democrats want to work there.



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That was good.:) We used to have a saying around the shop: "If you want to live like a Republican, you better vote Democratic!"
While I really like the sentiments of that statement, I don't understand how it could happen. I mean, have they built some kind of time machine that I don't know about?
I still use that quote occasionally future. Of course, I usually change out Democrat for Progressive
TFWY, your's is another good quote. It's ironic that all the things conservatives value about the 1950s would have been impossible without a generally prosperous, burgeoning middle-class, assisted by stable jobs and readily available educational opportunities.

Me4Prez, didn't know that it was a common quote. That article was the first time I'd seen it.

Lola my sweet, indeed we do have such a device. I believe they're called "ruby slippers" and are currently being tested at the government's "skunk works" in Nevada.
That is a great quote.
I apologize, I was talking about TFWY's quote. I have also never heard the one about the 50s until I stopped by.

What I need to do is slow down my brain so my fingers catch up and I type what I actually want to say
Me4Prez...no apologies necessary. I've been a blogging slug-a-bout all day. But not to worry. New material is nigh.
Send them back to the 50s and leave the future to us forward thinkers.
What Windspike said.
well, that quote is pretty damn haunting..so when do the 1960's start ????

( and what Windspike said....)
What Windspike and Sumo said.

Same with those who are expecting to be raptured soon... let them go ahead and be raptured, so the rest of us can get on with living. But I digress...

I want to escape the 1950's. My middle name is Ward, and I get tired of people my age and older automatically saying "Ward Cleaver" whenever I tell them that's my middle name. So, as "Leave It To Beaver" fades into America's past, I feel better and better.
"Ward" whoa! Your parents not like you Snave? My father's middle name is 'Cecil' and boy am I glad that I didn't get tagged with that.
Given you and I are roughly from the same era, Kvatch, had you been given the middle name "Cecil" you would have had the joy of hearing the phrase "Cecil the Seasick Sea SerPent" ad infinitum!

Ward was my grandfather's middle name... I like the name, I'm proud of it in fact... but scheise!

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