Pity The Poor West Coast Blogger

While the calm, collected East Coast blogger sips his or her morning coffee and lazily composes the "Great American Post" for an audience that has yet to awaken, the frazzled West Coast blogger wakes up early or stays up into the wee hours--desperately composing a hurried piece in order to catch that precious early morning traffic.

And which early morning surfers can a California blogger compose for? That single reader in Hawaii? His devoted following on the Kamchatka peninsula? Bloggers in Fiji? No! 9 time zones of cold, dark, empty Pacific water force us to get those posts up while our fingers go numb and our heads droop over our keyboards.

And in what perverse universe did I manage to cultivate a readership that skews toward areas West of the Mississippi? Fully 2/3rd's of you, my Blognonyfriends, are East Coasters or residents of the Midwest. (Don't suppose any of you have plans to move to Alaska?) And many of you may have noticed how I time my posts to catch the East Coast lunch hour and that precious time after dinner. (Sorry West Coast readers, but I have to pimp those posts to suit the traffic.)

But not to worry, I'm the kind of slut who'll do anything for clicks. I've even changed my posting patterns. I used to compose my serious piece for the morning, trying in vain to comment on the topic du jour. Then, after some reflection, I'd post a humorous piece in the afternoon. Well...so much for that. Blognonymous' traffic increased 30% when I switched my humorous piece to the morning, saving my serious stuff for the early evening. Guess Blognonymous is like talk radio, nobody wants to hear bad news just before they head for work.


well, count me in with your west coast readers. i'm only barely one time zone over, here in the mtns. sometimes i think i'm the only connected person along the wasatch (yo, vinnie, heheh).

you really try to time your posts this way? I empathize: a big problem when I ran my business from san diego was never being able to contact anyone after 2PM-Pacific. Most days I was barely getting going by then. ~~ D.K.
I time my posts the same way, though I do seem to be a little more popular in Europe and Asia than I am in America. Go figure.
"It's hard out here for a pimp..."

Blog on Kvatch, blog on all.
you really try to time your posts this way?

D.K., indeed I do. If you were to check my stats, Blognonymous' highest traffic hours are 10:00 - noon and 3 - 5 Pacific...respectively the 2 hours starting at lunch and just after dinner, both on the East Coast. Accordingly, you'll notice that I often post either just after midnight or at about 6:00a Pacific to catch the morning traffic and between 3:00p and 4:00p to catch the evening traffic.

Deb, I get a smattering of readers from Europe, Canada, and Oceana. Almost none from South America or Africa. But interestingly, I get a lot of search hits from the Middle East, almost all searching for porn terms.

WS, indeed it is! :-)
Insomnia is the tao of the left-coast blogger.
I'm impressed!! I've seen parades organized with less precision. I don't time mine at all, since I can't just throw the think switch and write coherently. Sometimes, I can't write coherently, period. But I think the biggest reason I don't time my posts, is they more often than not, come to me while sitting....well anyway, and I never know when that might be. I suspect that also explains the "quality" of many of my posts.
I try to have a post ready to publish before I go to bed, then publish first thing in the morn, as blogging evolves over the next two years, I think the randomness of the blogwalk will be replaced more and more with RSS feeders and plugins. So it wont matter as much when you post once you have a certain size audience.

I've been trying hard to work my traffic back up to last years level, and I think November has been the first time that I've exceded where I was.
KnightErrant...in my case not insomnia so as "...early to rise" in spades!

TFWY, don't get me wrong, I can't just turn the "write" mode and go. Read Blognonymous for any length of time and you'll notice a pattern. I rarely get to any topic while it's hot--mostly because I don't usually have anything interesting to say. My best ideas often come from comments I leave on other blogs--which is to say...Blognonymous is nothing without the rest of you all. And so I don't have to worry so much about the timeliness of a post and can bank a few for later. I usually have 2 or 3 posts ready to go and 10 to 12 ideas stored up at any given time.
I try to have a post ready to publish before I go to bed, then publish first thing in the morn...

Ah...but see that's what I'm talking about. You Right Coast bloggers have it easy! ;-) Get the post ready, publish first thing and then just let 4 time zones worth of comments flow in. I only get that if I publish just after midnight.

So November was a good month huh? For me to. Blognonymous' traffic levelled off for about 7 months, and November was the first month where it began to climb again.
My traffic spiked in November. The elections, I presume. It's dropped some, but is still running strong. My other blog, Fort Wayne Left (strictly local stuff) shot off the charts the last two weeks due to my reporting on the local GOP chair's uhhh. . .problems. =)
Wait ... people actually read your blog?


My own blog's traffic surged this past week to almost-Project-Runway-recap levels because I posted something about Britney Spears.

Go figure.
John, Mags...looks like November was a good month all around. In my case, I know that getting two mentions on Salon helped enormously. Though I did get a general lift in traffic.
Kvatch: Thanks for writing about the handicap we west coast bloggers face. We are at a true disadvantage to our east coast counterparts. For instance, it's 10pm here in SoCal but the east coasters are most likely asleep, dreaming of sugar plum Dick Cheney fairies sprinkling them with freedom dust.

Mags: Britney does trick everytime. The Defeatists' #1 search referral is for "boobs" which leads surfers to a pic of a pregnant Britney Spears .
Or you can move downunder and catch/miss the market at your leisure :)
My pleasure Comandante. The sacrifices we Left Coasters make for liberty will not be forgetten.

Cartledge, if I had a lot of readers in Europe I'd be there in a flash! Tried to get a job in Australia once you know, but just couldn't work it out with the company.
I don't have any problems with "granny" because it's mostly chat which can be done anytime and my visitors catch up whenever.

With the other blog though, by the time I sit down to surf through the news, it's already everywhere else.

Can you give me some advice on installing a sitemeter on Is America Burning? A friend did the one I have on my blog. (It's the standard Blogger version which is probably good enough for what we do).
I am up in the middle of the night anyway so I just rip out that post at 2 or 3am,which sometimes turns out well. I have a big fan base in the Middle East for some reason...and then behind them comes the DOJ from DC. Thanks boys!
Well, I'm like a blogging goose: I just wake up in a new world everyday and blog about whatever I want, whenever I want. I guess that's what my 2 readers have come to expect....
Granny, that's why I never comment on something till I have something snarky to add. ;-)

Dusty, see there you go...up at 3 a.m. gets those lazy East Coasters going first thing in their morning.

Julien, oh please! 2 readers?! My soggy green butt!

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