Let It Snow

Snow this morning on the mountains to the east.
(Exceedingly rare.)

Rain for an hour at my parents place at 5000 ft.
(Unheard of!)

Global climate change?


Man, it's always bright there, even when cloudy. Say hello to Cincinnati Street for me!
Talk about a Cold Mountain!

Happy Visiting, Kvatch.
Where is that. I was driving from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins one July 4th and it was raining in the Springs and snowing as I drove up I-25 near Monument.

I used to like watching Pike's Peak get snow while it was sunny on post
It may be rare, but it is beautiful.
Still makes for a lovely picture.
add to that, it is 55 degrees here when it should be freezing... mama earth is gonna wipe us off yet.
Nah. . .it's all a liberal plot. Didn't you get the memo?
You hear the one about the Polar bears. That's getting a lot of play. Those liberals will really go to some extremes to pull off their plot...
Global warming is a threat, and a big one. But one year doesn't make. I remember driving home from a conference on Global Warming, on the 2nd of November, usually not a real cold or stormy time.

It was 15 degrees above zero, and it was snowing so hard my truck had to fight for every inch forward - and I had 4WD.:) God, that was an awful storm!!
Hey, welcome (back) to El Paso. One of my favorite Seinfeldian lines was uttered by Kramer when he said, "I spent a month in El Paso one night!" Enjoy your stay! (How many months you and the Frogette here for? ~grin)
Global climate change? What's that? Must be part of the Gay Agenda.

But that would be a lovely photograph for the Good Planets Gallery.
It's snowing in Texas and it's warm here in Michigan, it's almost as if a Bush appointee were in charge of the weather.
Wednesday was the coldest day on record, here in the semi outback, for 120 years. We are also in the middle of a 'worst in 100 years' drought. From high 90s everyday down to 60.
Cyclic or man-made?
Sung to the tune of Chili's restaurants' baby back rib commercial:

I want my Froggy back, Froggy back, Froggy back....
It's been 50+ in NYC for all of December for all but two days. The temperature hasn't dropped below freezing in three weeks, not even at night.

The administration/Exxon flunkies (the same people, btw) say it is El Nino, not global warming.
As with dulpliciters everywhere, R-BE, they're half-Right. In this case, + Half Reactionary as well. All irresponsible, regardless...

Oh such sweet and subtle satire, PTC! And to a worthy cause as well. Niiice. {-;
El Nino, not global warming.

Well now there's a steaming pile of feces, huh?

If it were El Nino, Babylon by the Bay would be getting inundated with rain. Not so.

Michael, PT...I'm here. Just dealing with the family festivities, but I'll be back in the Bay Area in a day or so.
Ice sheet breaking off, Dictators Hung, More Brush Cleared at a Presdiential Hobby Ranch in Crawford Tx. = Mission Acoomplished.
Growing silent now,
Dampened mass
O! Knotted earth!

Your organism smothered in
Echoes, `We have failed thee!'
Under the darkened trench of your tears
Entwined with thy petals
Thou softness we’ve surrendered.
Of your grass and stone
And leaf and moss,
We’ve not loved!
Upon the base of winter
And the crown of summer
We’ve tramped upon your back
And tossed thy gifts
To the altar of consumption!

Veiling thou horizon
In the haplessness of filth
And the shapeless shadow of war,
We’ve coated your basin of tears
With the ugliness of greed!

Your creatures are failing!
Your creatures are failing!
Your creatures are failing!

Growing silent now, dampened mass,
Polar bear and hippopotamus
Vulnerable to our squander,
Exposed in our rush.
Exploding mantle
In maniacal audition
For toxin-jawed craving
Inky hubris supremacy!

Growing silent now,
Dampened mass
O! Knotted earth!
Forgive us!
Looks like someone else mentioned it but I was going to tell you about the big ice sheet that broke off in the Artic.

Something's happening.

What pisses me off is that by the time it gets so bad that it even the Right Wing has to acknowledge it, all they're going to say is that "well, its a natural process, it couldn't be avoided."

Meanwhile, Corporatists have been fighting environment protection for over 40 years.

We have had over 30 years to make a change.

We could have started in the 90's with the Kyoto Treaty. We could have started 5 years ago.

But no, we'll wait. It will be too late and Rush Limbaugh will tell us that no amount of reduction of fossil fuel burning could have changed it "so go drive your SUV's folks...it was going to happen sooner or later no matter what we did..."

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