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On the subject on sending another 15,000 to 30,000 troops to Iraq--the 'surge' that will rescue...what?...order from a jaws of debacle--outstanding posts have been written by bloggers like the Copy Editor and the Reality-based Educator, and I'd be hard pressed to add anything substantive. But I do want to make one observation:

President Bush's poll numbers continue to drop like one of Cheney's hunting partners--another 3 to 6 points since the mid-terms--due mostly to his stubborn refusal to accommodate the wishes of 7 in 10 Americans. If he does send the troops, won't it be his party that reaps the sh*tstorm? In other words, Bush holds the 2008 election in his hands. He can appear generous and accommodating by listening to all sides and then planning the withdrawal of our troops. (Whether he does it or not is irrelevant). Or he can dig in and commit to another disastrous deployment, thus paving the way for a permanent democratic majority.

He can't be that stupid. Can he?


I do love me some GOOD news. And Dubya's numbers going down the toilet is indeed GOOD news. No, that's not right. It's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! news.
Never underestimate the power of the darkside to blame the left for the messes they've created.
Had a comment all wrote, this G.D. thing said it posted...it didn't....Sigh.

Bush's numbers mean nothing, other than something to gloat over, since he's a lame duck. He has used this war as a political tool for so long, that it has ceased to be a war to him, and just be another political weapon. As some one noted earlier, never ever under-estimate the ability of the wrong wing to lie their way out of hell - and make it look like you sent them there!
Great post, thanks. Don't know if you've seen these three short videos from Iraq yet or not, but both show the US Military engaging in some very dubious actions. I have them up on my site at www.minor-ripper.blogspot.com
you know, Tony the Snow job said today that you cannot win a war without broad public support. They must have their heads up some where near where reality doesn't exist.
Bush's numbers mean nothing, other than something to gloat over, since he's a lame duck.

Not entirely. The Republicans in Congress have been so tightly controlled from the White House that they get a lot of the fallout from Bush's unpopularity.

More to the point, Bush's 'stay the course, only more' approach puts Republicans in a bind: either they go down with Bush, or they break with him and a) feed a narrative of internal conflict in the party, and b) give Democrats political cover for pushing troop withdrawal.
Fred, TFWY, you both are right to cautious and skeptical. Normally I would be as well, but I think that the poll numbers still going down is a sign of the electorate's discontent. And...if Bush sends another 20,000 troops, especially if he does it without consulting Congress (and he probably will), the cry "Republicans have no regard for the will of the people," will be hurled at every Republican candidate for the next decade. Just thinking out loud.
Tom, Windspike, thanks for the support. I just read an article (RawStory, I think) indicating that Bush's mind is made up. He's going to send the troops...numbers and timing are the only issues.
I don't think that Bush cares about anything other then trying to save a legacy that was obliterated a long time ago. He's one selfish slag.
As oppose to going into Iraq as I was, sending more troops is even more ignorant.
James, Me4Prez...no question, on both counts.
Thanks for the link. I do fear he is that stupid.
He's definately that stupid. . .and Harry Reid may be playing right into his hand. Somebody please slap Harry. . .
CE, you're very welcome. Your's was an excellent piece.

John, I know, I know. KnightErrant had an pretty good (and funny) overview of what each players position on more troops really means. Check it out.
He can't be that stupid. Can he?

Based on the evidence, I'd have to say yes.
Sadly I think he is that stupid...and that is what is sooooooo scary...
Oh yes he can and to the detriment sadly of human lives.
Praguetwin, E4E, Mary...you're all correct. The administration made the announcement last night. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!
When He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's poll numbers drop, I wallow in schadenfreude.

When he says he will send more of our troops into harm's way when what little he can add in numbers will come nowhere near to approaching the 300,000 troops that was suggested as necessary at the war's onset, not just my face but my entire being contorts into a rictus of agony.

What are some of the legal ways Bush can be removed from office, besides impeachment? Surely there must be some.

I guess he IS stupid enough to send more troops, and if he isn't being stupid, he is certainly being delusional.

Q: Which is worse, to have a stupid president, or a delusional president? A: A stupidly delusional president.

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