Kvatch Konsiders - Out Of The Frying Pan...

Bolton resigns
And into the fire...

Rumsfeld nominated as
next UN Ambassador

(Oh God...please stop me before I again put fingers to keys!)


I hope the rumsfeld part is a joke. It is, right? Jesus, what an awful thought.
I think I smell a Freedom Medal...
Well, it would certainly fit in with the Shrub's apparent policy of appointing the LEAST qualified person to every open position...
That ought to teach those waskly Democwats not to block a moderate like Bolton.
Yeah, I know that feeling. You know, this one: "(Oh God...please stop me before I again put fingers to keys!)"
I just told my daughter what you wrote and her lower lip trembled for a bit and she said, "He wouldn't do that would he?" Horror alert!
PoP, Peacechick yup...a joke. Just another product of my twisted little (and I mean little) imagination.

I wouldn't put it past the Dear Leader either, but it's the timing that's suspicious. Probably though, Fred's got it right and we'll just see a Rumsfeld get a medal.
I had about a nanosecond of fear, and then realized you were being a snarky little frog. Because there were no blaring headlines. Hello? Frog, scaring people before they've even dressed for work.

But then I laughed, because, well, it is funny in a really sick way.
i wouldn't put it past the Bush administration. immediately after Santorum lost his Senate seat some wingnut pundit said Bush should nominate him to the Supreme Court when one of the old liberals croak. They might even consider Conrad Burns for EPA chief...
Sometimes these little gems come on me at the most inconvenient times, and the urge to blog is too hard to resist.

Comandante...forget Burns. How about former Representative Pombo. He is, after all, a "good steward" of the environment.
Hey, George Allen is free and we know what a great diplomat he would make, huh? Or how about Bill Frist? Maybe Karl Rove would like the job, or Dick cheney.
shutter...this is well, like a living nightmare
PoP...George Allen? Frist? Rove? Uggghhh! All in the rogues gallery.

AZG, will in my case...waking nightmare. (At least I think I was awake when I wrote this.)
Santorum, baby.
Aaaahhhhhh! Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up tequila!

Oh wait. . you WERE kidding, right? ? ?
Fred...Santorum? Senator Mouth of Mordor? I don' think so!

John, not sure about you but I'd never give up tequila, whether or not Rummy really became the UN ambassador. Don't even contemplate such nonsense.
Dude! err, Frog! That was Just. Wrong.


Oh jeez. What a thought. Now I'm going to have nightmares.
Please tell me that was just a bad dream of yours.
This would be akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I'll bet they will offer Bolton the deputy secretary of state position they can't seem to fill.
Michael...I'll take that as a compliment. ;-)

Granny, Libby, don't worry just another product of this frog's twisted little imagination.

Lew, you're probably right. Over on Tom Hilton's blog the suggestion was made that instead of what I mentioned, Bolton would be offered Rumsfeld's old job. [shudder].
Huzzah! Let's hear it for snark! I love it.

Why doesn't Bush just wait for Congressional recess, then send Anne Coulter to the U.N. as our ambassador? Or Sean Hannity? Heck, why not Zell Miller? Now gawrsh, thet sure would be a hoot!! 8-)>

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