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It's a simple question really. Why would you start a 'War on Christmas' and then surrender on the first day?


Actually, it was the complaints of the Snake Worshipers, that they had no symbol to represent them, that tipped the whole project over.
At first I wondered what the big deal was...just put up a menorah...but then I realized the Muslims were take exception to it. A no win situation all around.
I can answer that... You surrender because the X-Box 360 entices you to end your quest so you might stand in line early enough to get one before the rest of the world! That or there's a Dunkin' Donuts nearby! :>) War on Christmas! Isn't that what Iraq is all about!?
And now I'm told by a friend living there that the Xtians are lovingly and caringly threatening to bomb Synagogs.

Hark! The herald angels sing...
Sumo, Sewmouse...

I'd like see some tolerance for everybody here. During the month of Ramadan SeaTac would shut down completely during the day and only allow planes in at night. For Easter week they could provide complimentary ash, and during Passover all the fast food outlets could switch to selling matzah and eggs.

TPM, so that's what we're doing? Bringing democracy and big-box outlets?
So, they have time to take the trees down, put the trees BACK UP, blah blah, but they're too busy to put out a menorah?

We surrendered because we had, like, blogging and social networking to do...
Is the answer we are French?

I started a war on Christmas when I stopped going to Midnight mass because Christmas Eve was a good night to go to bars and get drunk with friends. I often ended up praying in the bathroom afterwards, so I should still get into heaven
As long as we still get at least One story about a stolen cresch, I'll consider the good fight is still being fought.

Onward non-Christian non-Soldiers!
TBFKaJB, I think that the whole thing was a mess from start to finish. I mean...why not a nice menorah? Or a Buddha?

Frederick, well...you do! What with that switch to Wordpress and all. Good luck with that BTW.

Me4Prez, I was exactly the opposite. Being an agnostic I only ever went for the singing, and it was always superlative at the Christmas masses!

MB, that's the spirit. I think you need to enlist with the Comandante.
What if there were a war on Christmas and nobody shopped?

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