Kvatch Konsiders - Gilead Here We Come

Just thinking out loud here... Isn't mass infiltration of the military by evangelical Christians exactly what leads to the establishment of Gilead in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale?

It's been a while, but truth is starting to look an awful lot like fiction. Now where did I put that RFID-enabled passport?


I started reading the Handmaid's tale and it scared the beejeesus out of me.

Religion in any part of the govt also scares the beejeesus out of me.
I see frogette has fine reading taste. Sorry froggy :)
But we visited this issue with the neo-nazis signing up. Surely the military is just the place for all the weird elements. It is the Commander in Chief who should at least be reasonably sane.
I know I'd be praying if I was in the U.S. military right now...
I see frogette has fine reading taste. Sorry froggy :)

OK...I'm confused. Did I miss a memo. I don't believe that the Frogette has read The Handmaid's Tale. But to address you other point, no question an all-volunteer army does lend itself to a certain amount of "crazy-factor".

PoP...well said. To quote Frank Herbert, "When politics and religion ride in the same cart, the whirlwind follows."

Fashiongirl, and if Rangel's bill gets through Congress all of up to the age of 42 will be praying.
And another reason I'm relieved to be 58, the Rangel bill.

Seriously, I need to re-read Handmaid's Tale, but I believe you are right. I think we've had a false sense of hope with the mid-term elections, but I still lean toward some major "terrorist" catastrophy happening in Sept. or Oct. 2008 and Bushco calling an end to elections, and the establishment of the sovereign state of whatever, with him commander in chief for life. They're laughing all the way to the bank, right now.
I've long been an Atwood fan, as well as the related Proux, but have never come across another male of the species.
atwood...orwell...it seems a lot of "speculative fiction" is becoming reality.
Pam, Diva...this whole influx of evangelicals in the military is pretty scary stuff, and the Salon article is not the first one I've come across discussing it. There's a lot of examination of this issue.

Cartledge, there are four contemporary writers that I'd like to meet: Atwood, LeGuin, Ellison, and Vonnegut. Though I suspect that I'll only ever get the chance to meet LeGuin, as she lives just across the Bay.
I've heard of the book but never read it. Now I think I'm going to have to.

The scary thing is that some people (like the Dobsons and Robertsons) would read a book like this and think "this is EXACTLY what should happen..."

Did ya hear about the new video game featuring Christians converting or killing non-Christians (with Muslim sounding names)?

It's called Left Behind: Eternal Forces


The object of the game is to convert as many people as possible to Christianity. Players earn points by saving souls. If a player can't convert someone, they can shoot and kill them.
Did ya hear about the new video game featuring Christians converting or killing non-Christians (with Muslim sounding names)?

Polishifter...you obviously didn't read too far down Blognonymous. ;-) Check out this post.
Oh gads. It just NEVER stops, does it? I am so SICK of all the fundie BULLSHIT. Next time one tries to recruit me, I'm gonna answer my door nekkid, smoking weed, and stroking my dog. And tell them "I hear voices in my head. Jesus is telling me to throw some chicken bones and put the black MOJO on you."
BTW, I HATE those word verification letters. I have to re-type them 4 or 5 times before I get them right. Old age, you know.

Der Fuehrer Bush can do that come January 1st as he will have all powers as Hitler had.

When the Military Commissions Act goes into effect he can have anyone arrested for speaking out against his policies as harmful to the United States as defined in the new law.

Think about that for a while and you will see why I cried out for the Democrats to filibuster that bill.

That is one power that should not have been given to him just before the election. And the Democrats cut and ran on the issue. Now we are in deeper shit than before the elections.

The question is will Der Fuehrer Bush believe that he can get away with it or not and will he have the balls to do it.

Since he is an insane madman I say he very well may try it.

Keep up the good work kvatch.

God Bless.
Hard-core Dominionism is REALLY demonic.

"Mosaic" (sic) law makes Shari'a law look like girly-men in tights.

It brings back slavery of every color and kind, and insures that teens who disobey their daddies are executed.

One of my favorite blog subjects. Verry sick on the sicko-meter.
Hi Frog,

very sorry! I was at work and sneaking a peek at your blog and did not notice you had blogged about it earlier.

Now this fucks me up because that was my topic for tommorow. But I will give you a what-what for it.
I'm late to the party.....anyhoo.....
I think maybe part of the issue here might be who allows, or encourages, such actions. In order for any officer in any branch of the military to rise in rank, and secure a place in the Pentagon, they have to be career officers, probably with 25+ years behind them or more, by the time they get there.

The Commander in Chief has a very direct role on how the military acts/reacts, as these "lifers" (career military men) as they're called, are a bunch of lemmings, or else they don't get that plum assigment. That, and the fact many of them are simply freaking idiots.:)

Divajood made a point I don't like to think about, although I did address his point from a different angle, here.
Oy...so much to respond to! OK...here goes...

HillCountryGal, like the plan. My usual response is, "No. I'm not really interested in accepting Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, but would you like to spend the next 20 minutes listening to me explain why you should become an agnostic?"

AnonP, in the current climate I'm not sure he will try it. At least I hope he won't. He's not a madman. Is he? Well...OK. He is, but not that mad, right? Right?

NBFH...no argument from me. The Dominionists are a bunch of whack-jobs! But "Mosaic"? I haven't heard that term before.
PoliS, sorry 'bout that. Blog anyway, man! You'll do a much more thorough job than I. I was only exploiting the topic for its "snarkiness" value.

TFWY, so then the question is how much advancement in rank depends on discriminatory policies based in religion? And...how can those policies be rooted out?

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