The Iraq Study Group Lays An Egg

Conditions in Iraq are "grave and deteriorating," with the prospect that a "slide toward chaos" could topple the U.S.-backed government and trigger a regional war...

- Iraq Study Group Assessment (reprinted in the Washington Post)
Dear God please tell me that we didn't pay money for this load of tripe!
If current trends continue, the potential consequences are severe.

- James Baker and Lee Hamilton, Letter From the Group's Co-chairs
Oh...do ya think?!

I could have convened a panel of bums off the street and obtained more insight into the situation in Iraq. I hope these high paid schmucks were give nothing better than Chex Mix and tap water while they labored to produce what appears to be...NOTHING!


Let's see...

the ISG contains many former, current, and shareholders of The Carlyle Group, who's networth has quadrupled since the occupation of Iraq began.

Did anyone acutally think they would have a recommendation other than stay the course?

These war pigs are not going to shut the Iraq gravy train off until they are forced to do so.

That Hamilton guy told everyone to prepare to throw another trillion on the Iraq Barby.

Does anyone think these assholes care?

They have their villas in Paraguay, their homes in Dubai, UAE, etc. They could care less about the U.S. except in finding more ways to rob tax payers of billions of dollars.

$9 trillion in debt
$400 billion deficits

Someone's going to have to pay
And I will give you a hint...it won't be Uncle Baker, Cousin Hamilton, Poppy Bush, or Baby Bush.
no study group is gonna make the bush's change their mind about stealing our money and the world's for the matter -- with this war
Polishifter, AZG...but isn't it amazing that, unless the conclusions are delivered by a bunch of old white guys in their 70s, it isn't legitimate?

Nothing new under the sun. Just the facts, as they've been know for about 2 years, in a new package.
I got the same feeling. They could have flown me to Tahoe, Disneyland, and sent me to Cubs games all summer and I could have said the same thing. What a waste. Especially after the additional wait to add suspense like it was going to be mind blowing
I hate to state the obvious, but I could have told 'em that!
Do you like fairy tales and fables and such? I wrote one! Come see, Kvatch!
Me4prez, Julien... And what's truly ironic, is that Bush will probably ignore the recommendations, despite the fact that they're being delivered by Poppies friend.

And Julien, I'll be right over...
every time I see someone stating something obvious (such as this), I get this tv line in my head 'ya THINK diNozzo?' ..don't ask lol
anyway, as your first commenter aluded to..follow the money trail..
I've become so cynical since living in these United States..tsk tsk..
"I spent nine months working in the Iraq Study Group and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."
Tube's been off all day, and I haven't had this on till just now, so I got my first whiff of the report watching Olbermann. It smelled, as I suspected it would. Anytime you need a "commission", "panel", or anything else to give "recommendations" on a three year old war.....it's been lost long ago. Their real job is to find a donkey to pin the tail on.

We the sheeple....(:

but isn't it amazing that, unless the conclusions are delivered by a bunch of old white guys in their 70s, it isn't legitimate?
Kinda puts a big hole in "with age, comes wisdom, doesn't it?:)
Sorry for the double....along Polishifter's line of thought: I heard some congress critter say the other day this war was costing us 8 billion a MONTH! That's big money even by congressional standards.
Will you buy a copy of the report or read it on line? Whatever we paid for this, it was too much. It's already gathering dust in some corner of the white house.
Ingrid, it's like TFWY says, if you need a commission (formally defined as an organism with more than 10 legs and no brain), then you've got a problem.

Comandante... You got a t-shirt?! Lucky duck! I didn't get anthing but about $2500 dollars of debt service every year for the rest of my natural life.

TFWY, I think that $8B is a little low. Aren't we about to hit $500B for the war total?
I want my money back!
Hey come on, read it!

If nothing else it is a total repudiation of the policy thus far. There are digs on everyone, including Rumsfeld, and there is probably no better summary of the situation to date.

Ok, I'm going to go get drunk now.
Praguetwin...you are right, of course. In honesty I haven't had time yet and was responding to the summaries posted at WaPo. I was going to try and read through it this weekend.

But...since you may have already done the heavy lifing, perhaps I'll just pop on by and rely on your judgement.

I did note the interesting references to also having to change the tone of debate in the US--a dig at neocon absolutism, I suspect.
I read over at POP's that they put a different cover on Bush's version: they put the cover from "My Pet Goat" because it's his favorite book.
We aren't going to solve a damn thing until the 14 permanent bases and the ultra palace embassy are abandoned. It has to start with getting rid of those for anything else to work. IF that isn't done, then the fighting will never stop. I don't see that mentioned in this "report" anywhere. This bail W's ass out while staying the course is nothing more than a propaganda bullshit report.
While all the hoopla has been going on about the ISG report, ELEVEN MORE OF OUR KIDS GOT KILLED .
Closer to home, today a co-worker and long time friend of mine found out that a friend of hers had just lost a son in Iraq, to which I loudly exclaimed for the whole office to hear,"THAT'S FUCKING BULLSHIT!" And I am sure that my republicunt and war supporting employers heard it too, but fuck 'em. Every death in Bush's fucked up folly brings back bad memories of MY BROTHER'S DEATH in the equally stupid and equally based on lies Vietnam war.
The Yes men telling us like we already know it is...well that's taxpayer dollars well spent, NOT.

I think if people on our side of the spectrum bothered to read it, they would see that this vindicates us. Sure, it aint going to change much, but at least it puts all of the neo-con bulls___ fantasies to rest.

You can read what I wrote about it, but it is anything but concise. Sorry, it just is not in my nature.
Polishifter, I think "Iraq gravy train" pretty much nails it.

I think the report comes across as simplistic because the group's obvious conclusions are aimed at a simplistic individual whose mind they want to impress.

From an old song: "Never hit your grandma with a shovel... it makes a bad impression on her mind."

Even such simple conclusions, if they are presented as a shovel hitting Bush over the head, may not make much of a dent.

"Force shields are up, Captain!"

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