Hooray For The People's Republic...

...since they seem to love Blognonymous. Or maybe not. For at least a week I've been picking up tons of traffic from China Netcom--hundreds of page hits, sessions that last hours.

Is it a crawler? An attack? Is the 'Great Firewall of China' deciding which posts pass and which don't. Or perhaps this is preparation for my being captured and spirited off to the Middle Kingdom? (Can you tell that I just watched the end of 24's 5th season last night? :-) ).

Oh well...until I get taken on that slow boat to China, any traffic is good traffic. Right?

(Check our my SiteMeter, it's probably happening right now!)


Too, too cool. Now you're probably on some terrorist watch list thingie perpetrated by Skeletor or Dubya! Just kidding.
very cool...but just in case maybe you need to brush up on your Chinese...maybe they just think it is a Chinese Cookook site about how to best serve Frog...ouch...

( I tried to look up both blogy and Kvatch in chinese- nothing...)
Barkin Bok Choi, Frog! I think that must be my Orang cousins wrackin' up the Hit Points for your site meter.

Oh, wait a sec. Nope. It says "shanghai" so it couldn't be them.

Unless they got that re-direct thing-a-ma-jobber worked out... Hhhmmm...
I think that must be my Orang cousins wrackin' up the Hit Points for your site meter.

Michael, it's a 'thousand chimps with a thousand typewriters' kinda thing, isn't it?!

HillCountryGal... "probably"? Almost certainly I'd say. In both countries, I'd wager. :-)

E4E, "...serve frog"? Was that nice? But more to the point I doubt Kvatch would come up. It's German after all.
Ha! So odd.
Isn't this the year of the frog?
Mary, not half as odd as the fact that those commies are, all by themselves, driving my average 'time-on-site' up to about 4 minutes a visitor.

Lew...'year of the frog'? How cool is that? But...what would they want me for?
"great firewall of China"

That was funny
"great firewall of China"

Graeme, it's not joke. That's the actual "unofficial" name. Back in the 80's I worked for the company that would eventually build the first version of that firewall for the People's Republic.

My Russian Federation hits have me alarmed...
I have had 2 hits from China in 2 years, but my average visit length for those 2 visits is like 3 seconds. You are obviously an international star like David Hasselhoff
Copy Editor...hell if I know what's going on. Even if it were a crawler, why would it take hours on site to make since of my stuff? I don't get it.

Me4Prez, "David Hasselhoff"? Naw...stop! You're embarassing me!

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