Frontier Saves The Day

The end of our travel saga is this: Frontier takes our second United "rebooking" and gets us to West Texas with no further delays--fast, efficient, courteous, and unfazed.


yea!!! happy holidays!!
Happy (belated) holidays! I sure hope they comped your hotel and food.
YAY!!!!!!!! i second tom on the happy belated holidays! great news!
I 3rd tom and say- yeah they should have Comped Something....even the barf bag....happy holidays...
Good to hear, my man.
Did your luggage get there too? I have friends who got to Phoenix, but their luggage is somewhere between New York and Hawaii.
Oh those traveling memories. I'm having a tee shirt printed: "I spent the best years of my life at LAX" And that was all in just 26 hours
That's awesome. You know, I've been hearing really good things about Frontier lately, like the fact that they fly from SFO to LAX for $108 RT.

Have a great time in Texas!
Glad you got where you were going safely.

God Bless.
Dude! Thought you were gonna be incommunicado for a few, so today's the first I've checked back (ahhh... who'm I kiddin'. You know I'm a blog whorin' slacker! {-;)

Glad to see everything eventually turned out alright. Just sorry y'all had to stay the night due to AA's BS.

WT..? {shakin'head}

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