The Currency, The Blind, and The Dullards At Treasury

What kind of dullards occupy the Treasury Department? The kind that can't see past the cost of helping this nation's blind deal with our 'one-size-fits-all' currency. The kind that can't produce a solution more imaginative than differing bill sizes. In fact, Treasury's only response was to file suit to stop a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling calling for changes to the currency under the Rehabilitation act.

But let's not cast aspersions here. Let's look at what Treasury Department officials and Bush administration lawyers said in their filing (as quoted in Salon) -
...government lawyers argued that varying the size of denominations could cause significant burdens on the vending machine industry and cost the Bureau of Engraving and Printing an initial investment of $178 million and $37 million to $50 million in new printing plates.
What a bunch of nonsense! First, bill sizes only have an effect on the vending machine industry if you change the height. Change a bill's length and vending machines are happy, happy as long as they can still read the proper markers. So that leaves us with the Treasury's disingenuous argument about printing plates.

So unimaginative apparachicks how about:
    Diagonally lopping off the corners of the bills?
By trimming the corners by 0's, 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's and in patterns (opposing 2 corners versus adjacent corners) you generate 7 unique patterns, and that would cover all the bills from the $1 through the $500. Vending machines still take the bills because the 'footprint' hasn't changed, and Treasury doesn't have to lift a finger to adjust the plates.

So simple. So easy--when you're not invested in squashing any proposal, that is.


Imaginative thinking and government employment -- an oxymoron.
Face it-if you're not a defense contractor, the government doesn't want to accommidate you at all.
Alas, the first two are too true.

And did you know that it costs more to make a penny than the .01 it's worth? Or that a nickel costs .08 to make.

Yes. Our Treasury is rather lacking in common sense it appears...
Oops.. I meant to add that there may be some hope. Paulson may fail miserably in China, but he actually is somewhat of an aberration for a Bush appointee. We'll see, eh.

What I can't understand is how these jokers actually attempt to support a lawsuit when resonable, obvious, low-cost solutions are available that skewer their argument right through the heart.

I mean...if I can come up with a solution after thinking about it for maybe 10 minutes, then anyone can.
It's too late in any case, better get your kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames...

This has been your positive thought for the day. Thank you.
This administration worships and protects Industry to the point of an unreasonable obsession. They have singular vision in that regard. Anything at all that might threaten them........

All Presidents support industry, and should. But not to the exclusion of all else.
I can't believe we haven't been doing it all along. They change the plates often. Notice the next twenty dollar bill you get. It's all different colors.

This no brainer reflects the lack of brains in DC
So Fred...it's all just fiddling while Rome burns, eh?

TFWY, yup seems that way, but as PoP points out this solution (and I presume others) are no-cost no brainers. The expensive solutions which Treasury is using to quash the idea involve doing things like producing raised print.
So long as the cheapest bills had the most lopped off so that someone could not alter a $1 bill to make it feel like a $20 bill.

Good idea.
Praguetwin, didn't think about that. Though I doubt that there would be much value in "altering" bills just to fool the blind. Machine readers will still look for markers.

Nonetheless, for safety's sake lop 4 corners on the $1, 3 corners on the $5, opposing corners on the $10, adjacent corners (short axis) on the $20, adjacent corners (long axis) on the $50, 1 corner on the $100, none on the $500. Sounds like a plan. Let's patent it!
You know me, always thinking positive...

Bingo! See, two northern California freaks can come up with a foolproof system within 10 minutes of time spent. Granted, 99% of the work was yours, but hey, just bounce your ideas off a homeless sevant, and you are there!

The free market at work before your eyes! Beautiful!

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