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Recently in the dead of night, Cranky Daze added a poem to one of my old posts, and you know what? It's good. Really good...certainly better than the average limerick you usually get on Blognonymous. So, not having a poetry section to copy it to, I'm reprinting it here.

Thanks Cranky!

Never fear, Decider, dear,
Historians will know your name.
In every case, you'll see your face
Upon the hall of shame!

Your legacy will ever be
Writ large on every grave,
Of those who died because you lied
For power that you craved.

As ages go your name will grow
Synonymous with greed.
But all the gold that you may hold
Can't buy what you most need.

So carry on, you Devil's spawn,
March on to meet your fate.
The lies you've told, your lust for gold,
Have earned our bitter hate.

And when at last, your life has passed
Whenever that may be,
Within the tomb, there will be room
For you and your legacy!

- Cranky Daze

And here's a link to a poem of mine on the same topic.


Both poems are excellent- isn't it amazing that someone so vile could serve as a muse for so much great writing...
E4E, I often wonder if there would even be a Blognonymous without Bu$hCo. I mean I'm approaching my 1000th post, and I have to say that I don't believe I could have done it without the whole Bush team.

"I'd like to thank...Rumy, and Condi, and Alberto, and the Dear Leader..."
Without Bush, I probably wouldn't have started a blog. The reason I did was because of the way Paul Wellstone was being treated by conservatives and the Iraq war leadup. I tried letters to newspapers and story chats, but the people who usually joined the debate were idiots and turned everything into me being unpatriotic, gay, or that I enjoy killing babies. So I started the blog to get the ideas out of my head and if someone else stopped by and wanted to comment, even better.

Nice poems. I should revive my poetry moment where I would put up some of my favorites from other blogger poets or my favorite poets throughout time
Yes, both poems are great! I will have to turn my semi-creative attentions to the legacy thing. You both have done that idea justice in a big way!
Me4Prez, what was done to Wellstone just before he died and then after the plane crash was a travesty. Norm Coleman is a calculating bullsh*t artist! Good for you in starting the blog. It's one of my reads! Hey...if you restart the 'poetry moment' I'll contribute. I never let the challenge of verse go unanswered. Snave will probably contribute as well. Dude's a master.

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