Christmas Cheer...By The Quart

After discovering that Metallica has been turned into lullabies for your children, it seems to me that we could all use some good ol', adult oriented, Christmas cheer. And a group of scientists at the Catholic University of Campobasso are ready to deliver the glad tidings.

You probably know that moderate alcohol consumption is good for one's health, but what constitutes 'moderate'? Well our learned Italian researchers demonstrate in a new report that up to 4 drinks per day for men and 2 for women can reduce your chances of death from all causes by 18%. Wait...say that again! 4 drinks per day? Moderazione Italiano!

My holidays are about to become joyous indeed!


I can barely plow through one, so I guess I'm doomed.
Well you know what they say, "Americans live work, Italians drink to live"...
Um....I don't believe those 4 drinks were meant to be served in quart jars, were they?:)
I read the article that you linked, and they didn't define what "a drink" is. Alrighty then, an 8-ounce glass filled to the rim with vodka is a drink. And four drinks a day is beneficial??

Yes!!! Parteeee!!!!!
I have somewhat dangerously low levels of good cholesterol. My overall number is under 200, but the ratio of bad-to-good cholesterol is something like 3 or 4 to 1. My doc said that because the Crestor and other drugs don't seem to raise my level of good cholesterol, that maybe I ought to be drinking more alcohol. He says red wine would be good. Damn, the Zoloft I take for the OCD makes me not want to drink! What should I do?

I know. I will force down one large glass of wine, and then the next one or two will go down just fine.
They just can't make up their minds those doctors...can they?
I wouldn't sit on that santa's lap. Of course, given the fact that I am an adult, I wouldn't sit on any santa's lap. But especially not that ones
Always the women get less!
You gotta love Italian researchers. I read an article that claimed that men who had an occassional affair (not a long stand one, just the occassional one night stand) had a healthier sex life with their wifes and a lower rate of divorce.

Gotta love those Italians.
Hooray for research Italian style!
Lew, know what you mean. After that first one I want to go and take a nap.

Fashiongirl, Praguetwin, PoP...Vive ricera italiana!
Tom, I thought the article said 4 ounces. Not too bad for vodka, kinda skimpy for wine.

But if it was beer, it could be by the quart couldn't it TFWY? I mean pint glasses...4 of 'em...

Snave...chug, chug, Chug, Chug!

Graeme, bad Santa experience as a kid?
Sumo, I think we need to be optimistic here and go with the Italians. Don't you think?

Mary... I know, I know. And what's interesting is that the reason is never explained. Why always less for women. Size? Body chemistry?
Back when I was in Active duty side of the Army, there was a four drink per day minimum...just to put up with all the bullshit.

BTW: Have you check your css layout in different screen resolutions lately? I'm on a different laptop than usual at work today and your main content is down at the bottom of the screen below the sidebar. Try changing your widths to % instead of using "px."

Ie. Width 25% instead of Width 220px
I'm just like you Kvatch, alcohol puts me directly to sleep and that also makes me a very cheap and probably short date. So, just to be evil, I avoid it which also makes me the continual designated driver.
Fred, can't use percents cause it messes up the placement using negative widths. I'll take a look, but nothing on the template has changed in a few weeks.

Peacechick, I solve this problem by having two drinks. :-)
OMG. I would be out cold with 2 drinks a day. Or at least, out cold & happy.
I knew I was living healthy while I was in the Army. Every night after work, I drank a bottle of Parrot Bay rum mixed with Dr Pepper.

My wife thinks I am less healthy because I am not forced to do PT, but in reality, it is because I drink less
Makes me proud to be Italian.

Let's crack open the Santa's Butt!
That's particularly good news for me today. Had a 2 1/2 hour lunch (with wine, of course) on the firm, then cake and champagne later in the afternoon. How I'm supposed to keep up with my quota the rest of the time, I'm not sure...
HCG, that's just what the Frogette said.

Me4Prez, sounds like a healthy lifestyle to me, but a question: What's "PT"?

Comandante, I looked for Santa's Butt up here, but no luck. The only CA distributor I could find was in Inglewood...or some such mysterious place.

Tom, ok...ok how do I get a job where you work? But, it doesn't sound to me like you made your quota. Two more to go right?
So. . .how many Long Island Iced Teas am I allowed under this plan? ?
I'll be passing this info onto my Italian dad. It will please him "grandiosamente".
I don't drink much, but have a beer or two once in awhile. I also enjoy a good bottle of wine, however its been a long time since I had any.

Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous Happy New Year.

God Bless all.
John, no self-respectin' Italian would drink a thing called a 'Long Island Iced Tea'. Wine or Grappa...I'm sure, but if you must drink such a concoction, then 4...I guess.

Tina. :-) :-) I wish I had some Italian in me, but sadly...

AnonP, Merry Christmas to you as well. Get some of that good wine...Pinot with ham, Chardonnay with turkey. Yum!
Whilst I'm certainly no totaler o' the tea, finishing a fourth drink is usually my last move before heading to the altar di porcellana.

Still and well, Cin-Cin!
Viva los Italianos and pass me a beer. I feel cheerier already...

And my word verify is ommlpa. Doesn't that sound like a Tibetan German toast?

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