Bush Waxes Nonsensical On Saddam's Demise

Not 12 hours after Saddam Hussein's death by hanging, the Kowboy Koward opened his pie-hole to utter a statement so difficult to parse it bordered on the nonsensical -
Today, Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial -- the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime.
Setting aside that no one has any real misgivings about the dictator's guilt, are we saying that a trial fraught with government interference, where the original presiding judge resigned in disgust, where his replacement had an ax to grind, where 3 of the man's attorneys were murdered--effectively a kangaroo court with a predetermined outcome--is the kind of justice that Saddam's victims should have received?

Trials are for people accused of crimes. Saddam's victims needed no trial, fair or otherwise, because they had done nothing wrong, and if they were ground under by that brutal regime we should consider the decade we spent building Saddam up...before we decided to take him down.

So as we break our hands patting ourselves on the back and bestowing faint praise on the Iraqi people, we should remember that we are culpable in making Saddam what he was. This dictator's death isn't an affirmation. It's not justice. It's the grisly exclamation point on our Middle East bungling.


Kvatch... we must have been having a mind meld b/c we said nearly identical sentiments in our posts about Saddam's execution. But as I said at my place in a comment:
"Am I the only one who has the balls to say this outloud???: Saddam was a badass all the way to the end. He was a brutal egomaniac killer, but he remained a badass to the very end as he calmly chatted up his hangmen and refused a black hood. Maybe I'm wrong, but facing death like that took some balls or else was truly a show of faith from a man who believed he was going to become a martyr. I guess we will never know which one it was... and I mean this in absolutely NO way that would indicate that I admire Saddam or mourn his death, but I'm willing to bet Saddam would have happily borrowed Jules' wallet from Pulp Fiction that had "Bad Motherfucker" stamped on it b/c I know I would have been pissing my pants in fear and/or balling my eyes out and desperately trying to claw and clutch at my loved ones at the hangman's gallows."
Powerful words both yours and Tina's... I agree with you in that Saddam's trial and eventual end has nothing to do with justice even if it does serve that purpose for many Iraqi. There are many Iraqi that will take it as an act for which revenge is justifiable thereby increasing the dangers our people and all Iraqi must face in this new year to come...

- fc
I wonder, given his lack of knowledge about anything, if Bush even knows about the U.S. involvement with Saddam? I wonder if he knows we funded the murders Saddam committed. probably not. He just knows tax cuts for the rich.
... we should consider the decade we spent building Saddam up.

Dig it, Frogster. Seems to me Rummy 'n' Shooter should've been co-defendants in this "fair trial" of ours-- ahem, pardon me, theirs.

Merry Impeach-mas for such to still be so.
Yes, I agree. Truly justice will be served when Bush and Cheney and Dumsfeld and all them other neocons get hung for their crimes, if you know what I mean.
Given the poor PR potential of the trial, and the predetermined finding, I still don't understand why he wasn't just liquidated.
Perhaps that road is not justice, but neither could any other approach be so considered.It is surely time we were past the Judaic scriptural principle and just deal with the stark reality.
On the other hand, it would be pleasant to watch George W suffer through the law courts, with a predetermined outcome.
kvatch.... Well said my son, well said.

tina.... See my post about what I think about the trial and Der Fuehrer. Sort of the same thought as you and kvatch.


It would be interesting too know now wouldn't it?

God Bless
I can't imagine Bush looking so serene and accepting going to his own death. . .
Excellent post, kvatch. I would say you and Tina nailed the situation perfectly in your opinions. We need to stay the hell out of other countries for a change.

The folks at Fox News (now that's an oxymoron) were so excited over the hanging that it gave me the creeps. We are still so barbaric in our behavior that I must constantly ask myself, "What year is this?"
Tina, Saddam was a monster/badass who, it seems to me, really believed his own press. He simply underestimated our resolve to clean up our mess from the 1980s.

Too bad we didn't really manage to accomplish the task.
Ya know, Kvatch, Saddam was a monster/badass who believed his own press.

Unfortunately, so is George W. Bush.

It appears that our Dear Leader has gone around the bend and actually BELIEVES his propaganda now. 750 days... just 750 days...
Kvatch, Tina, everybody - Saddam was a monster, and he has this in common with Shrub: they believe(d) their own propoganda. Meanwhile, sectarian violence continues in Iraq; and America is hated everywhere. We have accomplished in three years under Bush's "leadership" to absolutely destroy a country - something not even Saddam could do in 20 + years.
Speaking of denying justice.... Does the Shrub want the same kind of justice he's trying to give out?
The only question that will remain unanswered is how much of America swung with Saddam on the gallows that day.
I think our Kooky Kowboy Koward (KKK) needs to get his constipated head out of his constipated butt.

I agree with Cartledge, the outcome of the "trial" was predetermined. The execution won't make much difference in America's dissatisfaction with the bungling of Iraq by the administration.

Gracie, everyone, check out the following. I hope it will help us to feel encouraged, and that our faith in American continues to be restored!

Same old story same ald song and dance. We create the monster......and on and on and on...

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