Blognonymous Holiday Gift Guide - Part 4

Wherein we highlight what you give to your nieces and nephews when you're... The Weird Aunt and Uncle.

SpongeBob SquarePants iPod SpeakerMany Blognonymous readers probably already know that the Frogette and I have no little tadpoles. This isn't a bad thing. It was a choice we made after drifting well into our thirties without getting on the kid bandwagon, and over the years we've taken tons of cr*p for that decision. But that is for another post.

Today we're going to talk about being The Weird Aunt and Uncle. You know this pair. Every family has a set. They're the ones who made all the "wrong" life choices--the childless ones who show up at family functions like special guest stars. They give out too many presents, presents that are just a bit too expensive, and that, for the kids at least, almost always make noise.

And what is the this season's perfect from that oddball couple? The SpongeBob SquarePants iPod Speaker System! Yes indeed, this is the gift that the Frogette and I were born to give. Loud (in more ways than one), hip, happening. In short, something that will further endear us to our brothers and sisters!

HT to Fred @ MCCS1977. I could never have imagined that this gem even existed!

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OMG! I want one. That is so cool.
I am the weird aunt in my family. Let my sisters repopulate the earth, I say. You are so right about the wrong presents. After many "mistakes" in prior yrs (remote-controlled helicopter almost lobotomized my nephew, and I don't think they ever properly appreciated the amp-pahrump-plified drummerboy, either), I've pretty much gone back to cash. oooh, Now I may have to reconsider. Loud AND cute, what more could you ask for? ~~ D.K.
Peacechick...is that the coolest or what? I almost want one for myself.

D.K., I think the most popular (with the kid) and unpopular (with the parents) was the talking Elmo doll we gave one of our nieces a few years ago. Boy was that fun. I have very high hopes for SpongeBob.
WorldNetDaily is reporting these speakers will make your kick ass rock and roll sound gay.

They've done it before.
We are a mix between the weird and odd aunt and uncle with the black sheep aunt and uncle.

We take pride is shaking the fam up.
...with the black sheep aunt and uncle.

Same here man.

The Frogette married an agnostic (me) in a non-religious ceremony. Soon after we left the Land of 10,000 Lakes (for good), refused to have children (selfish), and live in Babylon by the Bay (pretentious). Can't get much black sheep than that.
How lucky for your nieces and nephews, I want one too, Kvatch! You've actually given me an excellent idea, thanks!
Man, I wish you were my aunt and uncle.
Man, I wish you were my aunt and uncle.
Gracie, that's me pumping Nickelodian's sales! ;-)

Julien, oh sure! Like I don't already have to buy enough presents. :-)
OMG, I hope my kid's Weird Aunties give her that! Of course, I might have to take guardianship of it until she's old enough to take care of it...

On the subject of busy-body criticism for life choices that are none of anyone else's business, my mom has a friend, Connie, who had the best line to shut that crap down I ever heard. Connie is, like my mom, a nurse. Unlike my mom, Connie was a nurse in the late 60s who served during an ill-advised US military adventure.

Anyhoo, Connie was really great with kids, and sometimes when she'd be playing with us, some crass jackass would ask her why she didn't have kids of her own. To which she would reply, "I got my uterus shot off in Vietnam."
I'll probably end up being the Weird Spinster Auntie, so it's good to know that I'll be revered for my ability to give awesome gifts, among other things.

There was a time in my early 30's (okay, 3 years ago) in which I was totally obsessed with Spongebob. I grew out of it thankfully. Had these come out sooner, I'd probably buy a set for myself!

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